Author: Virginia Swanson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN-10: 145681902X

ISBN-13:  9781456819019

When one’s own GP has told one categorically that there is no sure cure for diabetes, that it is a degenerative disease, and that one will eventually have to go on to insulin injections, which one dreads, it is extremely comforting to come across an author who advocates what she perceives to be a sure and tried way of not only curing diabetes, but heart disease and cancer too. No matter whether this all sounds just too good to be true, or whether you’re prepared to try just about anything to solve what looks like an impossibly difficult situation healthwise, I suggest that you read Virginia Swanson’s Diabetes Diet. Resorting to alternative medicine in the way of eating more healthily and taking the right supplements cannot be disputed as being the right way to go, even by renowned medical experts. That said, whether what Swanson recommends is, in fact, the definitive way out for you depends very much on your own mindset and approach to healthy daily living. Also, it is inevitable that the amount of dedication and perseverence that you are willing to put into a situation strongly influences the nature of the outcome involved.

Keeping the above in mind, I must state that Swanson’s assertive statements on how to regulate your life so that you can maximize your longevity and sense of well-being are both positive and pointed. No beating about the bush, here. She tells it as she sees it, and leaves it up to you to agree with her or not. Basing Diabetes Diet on her own research, undertaken when her own father had suffered a heart attack, and was slow to heal because of his diabetes, she conveys to the reader with heartfelt sincerity what she has learned. Unable to overcome the opposition of the medical establishment to any of her recommendations regarding the supplementing of her father’s diet with digestive enzymes and apricot seeds, among other health-inducing remedies, she was forced to watch him die.

Swanson has now placed her hard-earned, firsthand knowledge of how to overcome disease through following the correct nutritional pathway at the reader’s disposal, trusting that you will be able to implement the positive guidelines that she provides in a far more meaningful way than she was able to do at the time of her father’s demise. In short, she brings the wealth of her experience and insights to your own doorstep—it is up to you whether you choose to disregard it, or to assimilate what she has to say into your own lifestyle, making the required changes that should help to improve your health, as well as that of those around you.

Not only does Swanson provide advice on the way in which to achieve better health for you and your family, but she also includes a special diet section to help curb the development of diabetes and cancer in your feline and canine pets. Whether you have general concerns regarding your health, and just feel that you would like to lose some weight, or whether you or a family member have a relatively serious disease, you would do well to heed at least some of Swanson’s advice—I know that I shall in future.

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