Author: Jill Haire
Publisher: Free Flow Press
ISBN: 978-0-615-60681-1

A Parable for Self-Cognition

This is a deeply allegorical novel, using a cloud as the embodiment of a soul, who enters Earth Consciousness, leaving behind the extreme comforts of Heaven, where not only all needs and desires are instantly satisfied, but Life is one long festival embedded in a time without end. There are, of course many possibilities in such a scenario for the incoming Soul cloud to a cloud family on Earth, but in this particular book, the family archetype selected to be explored, is that of a relatively rich and overbearing father, called Double-Him-a-Cane, and an insipid, manipulative mother, called Mother Cloud. Both parents are deeply afraid of their own soul stirrings, which they fear will obliterate their personas from the face of the Earth, if heeded. Therefore, they do not encourage similar tendencies in their daughter, whose memories of the love of Heaven are still fresh. The parents cover the enormous vacuum inside their hearts with addictive substances and their daughter learns to do likewise.

A second ingredient is added to this story i.e. “Relax on Impact.” Once, while driving a car, the author happened to be seconds away from an inevitable collision, In that moment, she heard the above words in her inner ear and promptly obeyed. She fell forward on the wheel, letting her body go limp. That action saved her life. As she let go, she felt cushioned in a blanket of Love and emerged unhurt from the incident, even as her car was completely damaged.

The protagonist in this novel, the cloud, starts out as Perfect Cloud, but takes on various other names as her journey progresses on Earth. “Relax on Impact” is a lesson that she takes with her from Heaven, on a conscious level, and she uses it when faced with danger. The very act of that relaxation opens up a portal for her, and she is given directions as to how to heal herself and regain single vision once again. She realizes that the love and caring that she accepted as her natural birthright had always been there for her; it had never gone away.

The primary purpose of this book is to explore the effect of addictions in the family. To this end, the author chooses the family prototype mentioned above, to illustrate exactly what happens to most people when old family patterns are repeated over generations, how they reinforce themselves over time, thus creating a fear-based mindset, engineering, in the process, a massive disconnect from one’s true essence, where all wisdom and peace is available. At the end, the author presents a list of questions to be posed to the reader who uses this book for therapeutic purposes. There is also  a list of questions that are relevant for the therapist practising addiction therapy.

This is a book to be savoured bit by bit, it is not a fast read. It contains very deep truths that we can all learn from, in language that is meant to awaken the child in us, even as this is not a children’s book. There are also a host of illustrations which complement the text very well and make the reading experience even more joyful.

I recommend this unusual book very strongly to all, but especially to those battling with addictions and acceptance issues.

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