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Author: Darrell Knoch

ISBN: 978-0615540597 

Darrell Knoch is well qualified to write a self help book. He overcame an early life marked by poverty, physical disfigurement and an abusive father to invent and manufacture a sought after domestic product, develop a software package for dental procedures and create a real estate portfolio from scratch. Along the way he filed for bankruptcy three times and went broke a few times. Undaunted by these reversals, Darrell believes you are only a loser if you quit; quitting is something he doesn’t ever think about.

A strong believer that the way to happiness and contentment in life is through a healthy self image, his book, Mastering a Healthy Self Image, has as a central theme the building and retention of self-confidence. Written in an anecdotal storytelling style, he blends inspiring incidents from his life and the lives of family and friends with self help strategies. The strategies are reinforced with quotes from other self help authors’ books – Zig Ziglar, often mentioned, is credited with putting Darrell Knoch on the path to high self esteem.

Chapter headings in the book include: changing your world, power of positivity, self talk, relationships, setting goals and perseverance. The methods and laws outlined to take your self esteem to the same high as the authors have been documented in easily understandable language.  The Law Of Becoming appealed to me – mental evolution is largely determined by the thoughts you put into your mind; your life is what your thoughts make it. If you follow the rule and think positive, change is possible.

The fear of success syndrome, which Darrell Knoch believes paralyzes the majority of our society today, is explained as being a fear of trying. Its manifestations: rationalization and procrastination resonated with me; it’s so easy not to do something in case it fails. Failure, no cause for concern, the book details how to turn your life around if it happens.

Clarity, conviction, commitment and consistency, all cited as necessary for success, are explained as: knowing what you want and who you want to be, self belief, resolute perseverance and achieving of goals. The author, an advocate for the “Four C’s”, stresses that with these at the forefront of your mind and actions, you are on your way to developing the kind of confidence that will make everything possible. There is no such thing as failure, just results.       

The overriding message contained in Mastering a Healthy Self Image is: Believe in yourself with passion. Go out and do the things in life that really make you happy and you will be. The author, Darrell Knoch, comes across as a sincere guy who would really like to help change your life for the better.

If the going has got tough and you just can’t get going, then reading Mastering a Healthy Self Image and following the advice will certainly help. 

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