Author: Randy Singer

Publisher: Tyndale

ISBN: 978-1-4143-7558-8

There were times, Harry had told him, when you are the only person standing between your client and a lifetime of incarceration. Sometimes, in your client’s defense, you may have to implicate some pretty powerful people. Never back down.” Landon recalled in Randy Singer’s novel, Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales.

This three hundred and eighty-five page paperback is another legal page turner by Randy Singer about the underdog catching up and overtaking his opponents both in the courtroom and on life’s daily playing field. With no profanity but topics that include murder, adultery and espionage, the book is targeted toward mature adults who love defense attorney cat and mouse games of legal fiction with a Christian undertone. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence.

Landon Reed did his time in prison – two long years while his bride-to-be and child waited for him while he served for organizing a point-shaving scheme while being a football quarterback at Southeastern University. Wishing his past was permanently behind him, he completes law school, only to be hired by the same disorganized old lawyer who takes his case when he is in a Virginia Beach bar fight protecting his new wife.

While working for Harry, Landon starts learning the legal ropes of the seasoned defense attorney, especially when one of the clients is Elias King, a well-known attorney who is charged not only for insider trading, but for murdering his pregnant girlfriend who is his assistant. When Harry is gunned down by a supposed mugger at night, two other law partners’ plane gets blown up in the Chesapeake Bay and Landon and his wife are threatened, the ex-con has to pull all stops to figure out the who, what and why that connect the murders.

At the same time, Landon’s wife, Kelli, loves her job as local news journalist. Strangely, she is wined and dined by Sean Phoenix, an ex-CIA operative who owns the untouchable yet powerful Cipher Inc. that somehow knows everyone and everybody’s vices and sins including King and his law partners, putting more than the family’s lives in jeopardy.

With unexpected twists in the ending, will Landon live up to Harry’s wishes and become a loyal, worthy lawyer who can be trusted by those around him? Will Elias be exonerated for his adulterous relationship and will the murderer ever be found? Singer makes legalese understandable and enjoyable in this heart-pulsating story that reminds us the truth can really set us free.

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