Authors: Jane Murphy and Allison Fingerhuth

 ISBN:  978-0615388083.

 Publisher:  Mutt Media.


Pipper is blog stuck and cannot think about what to write about in her next blog. Pipper finds recipes for her blog that are different and she travels around the world to find something exciting to write about. But, she has blog block and needs to unblog herself. Who better than her friends to discuss her problem? Pipper might be a canine but she is clever and has many friends working in many different fields.  But, what would any book be without a villain to literarily stir up the recipe pot and try and steal your ideas. Bull Bogus is the owner of a Biscuit Company formerly run by his father. But, Bogus is making just that biscuits that do not fit the bill but will definitely make you sick to your stomach and more. Why? He claims cost and overhead and he had to change things around but the quality is the same. He also claims that he needs to make a profit and his unhealthy treats are better in order to fill his pockets with money. But, Pipper still needs to find a special ingredient to create that perfect treat and with the help of her six friends she is on her way around the world to find it. With her travel guide, specific locations and people to look for she hopes to find that one perfect something that will create the perfect treat.

Healthy, the right shape and design, a decadent treat that everyone will love, real taste no fake chemicals and hopefully will have that special secret ingredient that no other treat has. So, with the help of her friends she is off to Egypt to visit and take a tour of the great pyramids of Giza. But, Bogus won’t give up that easily and trailing right behind her or even hiding in direct sight is Bumbles Brug who thinks he can outfox her but can he? In between her travels and her five destinations she continues her blog to keep her readers informed of her quest, her destinations and her progress. But, her first guide is quite interesting, unique and Mr. Saluki takes her across Egypt on camel traveling through sandstorms until her final destination.

Bogus thinks he has it all under control but sometimes your conscience guides you and one of his trusted workers decides to go to the other side, namely Pipper’s when she realizes what he’s up to and why. Imagine pedaling your way through Egypt on a camel in a race and riding through thick sandstorms until you come to your final destination the pyramids and then off to Paris, France.  Fifi Carniche takes her on a whirlwind tour of Paris and discusses how she manages to stay fit. Join them on your own bike as they tour the city and learn some great expressions, about the opera and the markets as we all tag along with Fifi and Pipper on this journey to find the secret ingredient.

 But, our sneaky friend Bumbles is right behind her and thought that Fifi’s talkative parrot would spill the beans about where Pipper was. You have to read the book and hear the conversation between dog and parrot. It is priceless. Added in is the Pipper’s trip to Fifi’s hair salon and her new French Hair style! How cool is that! Next, our Pipper writes about her journey in her blog for all of her friends and fans to read while heading off for Orient Express where she meets The Flying Piroghis and what happens on this train you just have to experience for yourself when you take the journey along with her and the circus performers. But, be careful make sure you don’t eat the biscuits because you don’t know what Bumbles spiked them with in order to find out the secret ingredient Pipper is still searching for.

Next stop is Katz’s Delicatessen in New York and the rock group she was meeting M.C. Beagle. The mouth-watering delights she describes will send everyone down to the city to chow down on the deli delights and desserts that Katz’s is famous for. But, let’s not forget that Bumbles has been hot on her trail the whole time and Bogus well you have to find out for yourself just how or if they get their just treats or desserts. Finally, she meets the Dolly Lhasa Apso in Machu Picchu where she learns where the real ingredient she needs to put in her biscuits just might be found.

With the help of her friends they create several new treats, realize what the secret ingredient is and just how to market it all. So, visit her new bakery and get your Bow Wow treats at Pipper’s Bow Wow bakery. Try her new Wonder Bars in many different flavors and of course you can’t go wrong with the recipes in the back of the book. The salad sounds healthy and great.

Let’s give this book: Five Golden Wonder Bar Treats! Don’t forget to read her blog! The illustrations bring it all home for both adults and kids. 

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