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Author: Bert
ISBN:  978-0-9653316-4-7 (Hardcover);  978-0-9653316-3-0 (Paperback)
Publisher: L.N. Smith Publishing

   “Welcome to Walt Disney World. Come enjoy the magic!” The Walt Disney World web site beckons guests to the ultimate trip through another world encompassing an area larger than the island of Manhattan—including four theme parks, two water parks, more than twenty Disney Resort hotels, and a multitude of dining, recreation, and other fun things. It’s surprisingly easy to plan your vacation, but brace yourself. More than meets the eye. Did you ever think about the significance of their behind-the-scenes back stories, or the relevance their man-made world has to life, love, and religion?

In Sunrise Over Disney, author “Bert” takes his family on a trip to Disney World with a mind open to experience the sights and sounds like any other tourist, but along the way, he and his wife begin to sense that they have stepped into a strange new universe where every detail has two faces. They curiously dissect the unusual sculptures of concrete, steel, plaster, plastic, and fiberglass, and by questioning Cast Members, they find out that there are hidden attributes to every sight and sound that often go unaware with the average tourist.

The book explores this fascinating netherworld through six sections: The Wish, The Magic, The Misery, The Odyssey, The Jungle Cruise, and The Meaning. Through each journey, hold onto your hats, as “Bert” leads you through a catechism of musings about the sciences unfolding before them. He and his family are taken through unexpected tours through the “Utilidors,” underground utility corridors that run beneath the Magic Kingdom unknown to those above, a nine-acre subterranean backstage that handles everything from garbage collection and store deliveries to lockers for Cast Members. The revelations are more than just eye-opening; they spark a desire for the couple to unravel the mystery behind the magic and the truth behind the myths.

One night, after having made a wish at a fountain in Madison, he pauses to contemplate their enchanted moments. He hears the muffled voices of Logic and Reason, and while gazing skyward, he silently wishes for the courage to return to college, and he desires to know the secret behind the Disney Magic. He is sure that he is close to discovering the details that are buried somewhere in the park.

  “What is the force that makes a dream or wish come true? Is it the magic of a star, or the toss of a coin? Or is it something found deep within each one of us?”

On the road to Discovery, he learns that just as Disney employs secret police to root out Cast Members violating a dress code, or to evict residents engaging in unacceptable behavior, so must he employ every spark of his intellect to unravel and understand the eternal significance of those seemingly innocent sights and sounds that enchant boys and girls within their gates. Their trip “inspires a spark that revolutionizes his thinking and alters his quest for a true education, and he ultimately redesigns a popular Disney attraction and predicts the trajectory of human development, while settling the long-standing feud between science and religion,” as advertising for the book states.

This beautiful book is written with superb style in a way that any grammarian would admire: 452 pages of perfect grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. In the end, readers may be surprised to see eight pages of Bibliographic sources, revealing the incredible amount of admirably detailed research that went into the composition of the book.

If you crave to explore Disney World for the first time or the fiftieth time, and if you yearn for a deeper knowledge of the facts beneath the fiction, come enjoy the magic! Sunrise Over Disney will take you on a magic carpet ride through the kingdom you never imagined existed.

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