Author: Charles Brokaw

ISBN: 97807632033

Publisher: Forge Books 

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Imagine what would happen if the devil reared his wicked head and decided to take over the world and create his own method of retribution for any nonbelievers and those that got in his way. Lucifer, the devil, Satan the embodiment of pure evil manifested himself in one man who orchestrated a plot so diabolical and evil orchestrating the lives of so many as if conducting a symphony of music with no melody just disharmony and sounds so horrific you would need to cover your ears from the non melodic sounds coming from the instruments in the orchestra pit.

Caught in this web of deceit are many innocent players and some who create their own spider web more deadly than the most poisonous spider or snake. Some whose venom would spread throughout and entire nation and destroy not on those living there but the structure and integrity of ours too. Who would construct such an evil plot you will not believe? Enter the world created by our brilliant author, Charles Brokaw: Meet the players of this outstanding novel The Lucifer Code and read the facts, decide for yourself who is innocent and who is not.

Thomas Lourdes is on a trip to Istanbul. He has been invited to present a series of lectures to one of the universities. But, fate steps in and he meets a beautiful woman as he barely alights from the plane. Claiming to be a fan of his writing and books he falls prey to her wiles and is kidnapped by some dangerous killers who think nothing of murdering people at the airport creating a may lay that leaves a large body count.

Kidnapped to force him to translate a set of coded, cryptic writings that are thought linked to lost scroll written by John who wrote the Book of Revelations in the Bible. But, who is behind this kidnapping and what exactly is this code will be revealed as you read my review of The Lucifer Code by author Charles Brokaw.

What if this ancient manuscript or scroll will unleash the Devil? Lucifer has been defined as a name used for the devil both in religious writing and in fiction. In this novel, our author characters set out to find an ancient manuscript, and prove that Satan exists. But is it too late. Has he already risen and at what cost and why? The mysterious manuscript is called the Scroll of Joy but will bring anything but that. That is what they want Lourds to translate. If the scrolls are been found and reach the wrong hands the world, as we know it will be lost. These scrolls were hidden in the tunnels below a church and not to be found. Will Lourdes be able to read the page he found? What will he learn if he does decipher it? The lost scroll is one written by John of Patmos. John of Patmos wrote the book of Revelation in the Bible. If the scroll is found and translated no one knows what the end result will be. But so many factions are fighting to capture and control Lourds.

Freed by one group and then taken in by another including the police in Istanbul, Professor Lourds becomes embroiled in a plot that goes all the way to the top. An IRA operative, CIA agent linked to the Vice President, antiquities dealers, and many others are after one thing, a manuscript and Lourds ability to decode it. Bugging his phones, his room and all modes of transportation he uses, they sit back and monitor his whereabouts. But, what is this manuscript, just why does everyone want to find out what it is ways and what horrors will be revealed if they succeed.  Author Charles Brokaw cleverly sets the stage as he puts all the pieces in place and the players in position before the reader finds out the true reason why everyone is after this manuscript.

World leaders are supposed to govern their countries for the benefit of the people. Not always so. Prince Khalid now, King has fallen prey to the whims and wiles of others. Knowing that he would overreact and demand retribution for the deaths of so many in his country including the King, he moves swiftly and without thought and what happens creates more than havoc in his country. Just what one man hoped for and wants. What happens when one man wants to rule the world and is accelerating the Middle East into his own personal battleground hoping to dominate the world and more.

One IRA operative along with his long time friend Olympia Adnan, her brother and many others, spend time navigating the catacombs in search of the hidden secrets in ancient Istanbul before more lives are lost. Just who wants to destroy the world and who is the real Lucifer or devil that will shatter what we have at any cost.

One scroll that would change the destiny of the world and so many lives. What would happen if this document is found and decoded? The truth behind the scroll will be revealed as all of the players face their final fates and the end is coming? Who will come out of the tunnels, who will emerge the victor? An ending so mystifying and surprises and twists more tangled than the most intricate spider web. A conclusion that will answer some questions and leave you hanging for others. What will happen to Thomas Lourds. Where will his next adventure be? Only our author knows when and if he brings him back in his next novel.

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