Author: Noel Hynd
Publisher: Damnation Books, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-61572-064-4

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A Tale of “Mysticism, Ghosts, Supernatural, Intrigue and Romance”

Ghosts by Noel Hynd is a chilling supernatural thriller, without a doubt! This is not your basic bump in the night – cold touch on the shoulder ghost story. I believe the best ghost stories are those written that make the reader think about the story long after the book has been placed away on the shelf – Hynd does just that with Ghosts. Hynd combines several crucial elements, such as realism, mystery, danger, and suspense - deliciously frightening. I particularly liked the depth he gave to each of his characters, strong – independent – intelligent, not weak and weepy. I found myself reading the entire book in one setting – could not put it down!

Annette Carlson is an award-winning actress looking for some peace and quite away from the paparazzi. She manages to find the perfect place – a Victorian mansion in paradise on the island of Nantucket. Sound like heaven – think again! Far away from snooping fans and prying eyes, she now finds herself beleaguered by an evil entity. Unbeknownst to her a murder has taken place on the island, a murder in which the perpetrator is not of flesh and blood but something much sinister. Out of desperation she calls upon Nantucket’s’ lead detective Timothy Brooks. Detective Brooks, a firm skeptic of such things as ghosts or the supernatural, turns to his closest friend for help, Reverend George Andrew Osaro – whose ministry is somewhat unconventional. As the three embark on a terrifying journey to uncover the mystifying occurrences, which are happening at 17 Cort Street, two more unsolved murders occur. Together they are confronted by evil in its worst form.

Traveling to the mainland by air, Brooks visits a library and begins doing research on the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. This is where I think the author uses a clever tactic in his writing to further draw the reader in. The author shows detective Brooks sifting through several articles and books on the subject, such as, ‘The Ghosts of Pennsylvania’ by Dr. Frederick Mann – ‘The Spirits’ Book’ – a paper by William James, the philosopher – and a pamphlet by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytic psychiatry. It might sound ridiculous, but I found myself googling these author’s. I had to know if they and their work were real! I give ‘Ghosts’ by Noel Hynd five stars and highly recommend this ghostly read.

Noel Hynd is the author of twenty-two published books and three produced screenplays. He writes in several different genres including espionage and suspense. He can be found on Facebook and loves to hear from his fans.

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