Author: Gill Pittar
Illustrator: Cris Morrell
Publisher: Sweet Cherry Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78226-162-9

We may look different but we feel the same” is the main focus of Milly and Molly’s attitudes in the book series by Gill Pittar, Milly, Molly– 10 Books Box Set Collection.

Targeted toward preschool to early elementary school aged children, this box set contains ten paperbacks arranged numerically in a sturdy cardboard holder. With no scary or violent scenes, it is ideal to be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated words. Having different punctuation rules in the United Kingdom, American readers may get confused when they are missing.

Cris Morrell’s full-page illustrations cover the majority of each page with vivid colors, mostly happy expressions, and consistent design work against white backgrounds and an easy-to-read black font.

Level one out of six for readers ages five to seven years old, the series promotes building confidence in children while teaching good values and diversity. Each numbered book contains twenty-four pages dedicated to a theme such as accepting differences, self-acceptance, helpfulness, punctuality, tidiness, determination, generosity, learning to swim, literacy, and love. A teaching guide completes each book with suggestions and task examples.

Here are short summaries of each storyline:
#1 – It is the first day of school and Milly and Molly are worried their cats will be bored without them.
#2 – Their friend, Henry, is adaptable to everyone and everything.
#3 – Milly’s dad has lost a sock, so everyone helps him find it.
#4 – When the girls take a bike ride, it is imperative they return home on time.
#5 – The girls help Heidi Untidy clean her messy room.
#6 – Overweight and alone, Junior Joe’s friends help him lose weight and be active.
#7 – Rosie takes the children to a picnic in her pink car.
#8 – Milly, Molly, and other friends learn to swim.
#9 – Old man MacArthur learns to read.
#10 – Saying “I love you” makes many people happy.

With each story being diverse and different from the others, children will delight in Milly and Molly’s adventures as they learn about being kind to others by helping and sharing. It would make a good series to have on hand for home schoolers or small reading groups with its resourceful guide.

Thanks to the publisher and Bookpleasures for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review of the reader’s honest opinion.

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