Author: Zev Lewinson
Publisher: SwordPen Publishers
ISBN: 97809799653357

Ethel is a young eagle who is afraid to fly. It is now time for her to soar in the sky like all the other eagles. She dreams about being a duck. Her mother wants her to wake up and not be afraid. But, Ethel looks up at the cliffs above her nest and at the ground way below, and she is very afraid. Ethel explains to her mother that she had a dream of being a duck. In her dream she was a happy duck and even though ducks fly they don't always have to. Ethel waddles around and begins to quack, just like a duck. Her mother reminds her that ducks often times end up as dinner. Ethel rethinks being a duck and considers being a dodo bird instead. Her mother reminds her that the dodo bird is extinct. Shocked by the news, Ethel must rethink her fear of flying and learn to be herself.

Lewinson has created another hilarious story for kids. Parents and teachers will get a kick out of it too. Young readers will recognize what it means to be afraid. Parents can discuss their fears and help them to overcome them. Soft colorful pastel chalk illustrations are pleasing to the eye and make children chuckle as the story unfolds.

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