Author: Takumi Yamazaki
Publisher: One Peace Books

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A motivational self-help book.  Very easy and quick to read. Takumi Yamazaki brings together tried and trusted methods of motivational techniques in a handy reference book for those who want to better themselves.  Although the book seems to be geared more towards people who want financial or business success, I think some of the ideas in the book and motivational methods could also assist in general to improve self-confidence.

The idea behind the book is that many people have a poor self-image, and this—combined with natural forces—can hold them back from attaining their goals and dreams.  In Shift, Takumi Yamazaki tries to explain the reasons behind a poor self-image and what a person can do to overcome that, he also includes entertaining descriptions of natural factors such as homeostasis and scotoma, explaining how these all blend together to keep people stuck in a rut.

The author has devised 13 exercises to help improve confidence and self-image and thereby increase a person’s chances to reach their goals, the message being that nothing is impossible.
There are also techniques contained within the book for keeping motivation at its peak.

For me, some of the exercises seem impractical especially if the book is being read by an individual to help themselves, as many of them involve group therapy.  Perhaps this book could be useful for those involved in counselling groups of people, where they could incorporate the group exercises into their sessions.
I found one of the suggestions for self-improvement to be slightly odd—the author suggests that if someone wants to live a life of luxury, they should start eating in expensive restaurants, fly first class and stay in expensive hotels.  How the average person is supposed to do that without making their situation worse, I am not quite sure.
I did enjoy reading this book; it is certainly a fun read which makes you think about the way we look at life.  There are little drawings scattered throughout the book to illustrate the points, which is a nice touch and adds to the feeling that the author doesn’t take himself too seriously, and it is not a book that tells you what to do, but just shows you some methods you could use to help overcome hurdles and self-imposed barriers to success.

I like books like Shift, as I do believe that positive thinking can only help to bring positive results.  This book will definitely leave you with a feeling that it is possible to reach your dreams with a bit of will-power.

Click Here To Purchase Shift; 13 Exercises to Make You Who You Want to Be