Author: Michael Griffo
ISBN: 978-0-7582-5338-5

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Here we go…again. Another young adult series that is based on the world of the vampire with a love triangle worked into the plot for all readers to enjoy. What is different about this one, you ask? This…is actually a good story which offers all different kinds of mysteries, characters, and plots that will keep the reader engaged throughout the story.
The author has dared to be different by writing about a young man named Michael who lives in the nowhere town of Weeping Water. This is the type of place where the only excitement available is to watch the leaves change and the cars rust, and the only thing for Michael to think about is how the heck he’s going to get out of here. He lives with his grandparents and his mother - who is a woman with extreme mental issues who regrets what she’s done in the past. Michael’s father lives in London, England, yet he was pulled away from him by dear old Mom and brought to live in a town where he doesn’t have a friend in the world. Michael has an even bigger issue than the fact that his own family treats him like a bit of an outcast; he actually has a true desire to be in love. Yet the desire he has and the images of his perfect soul mate are that of a male, and he has no idea how to make his family understand that he is, in fact, gay.
The people at his school pick on him constantly, and he is completely ostracized because of his passionate nature and the need to be who he truly is instead of going along with the crowd. Almost at the beginning of the story, Michael’s
mother is placed in a hospital and ends her life, and Michael’s British father appears on the scene to take him back to London.

Once there, Michael goes straight to the Archangel Academy where, thankfully, he is bright enough to be one of the very best students, and the other boys attending accept him for the person he is, and not the person even his father wants him to be. His roommate, Ciaran, is a nice boy who quickly becomes Michael’s friend. But, unfortunately for Ciaran who wants nothing more than to have a friend of his own and not feel so alone all the time, Michael falls in love with Ciaran’s brother, Ronan.
Ronan is Mr. Popular. Handsome, strong, with a secret that only some know about, Ronan feels himself falling just as hard for Michael and has no idea how to tell him the information that he needs to know…information that could save his life.
As the author introduces some amazingly well-written characters including a young vampire by the name of Nakano, whose jealousy over losing Ronan is matched only by the powerful thirst that makes him take out students at the Academy. Not only that, but a girl by the name of Brania - who is an old acquaintance of Ronan’s - steps into the scene. Brania is a woman of extreme power who has her own agenda where the Academy and Michael is concerned, and will stop at nothing to succeed in destroying the world around her.
As the battle lines are drawn and the romance turns completely intense and truly moving, the plot thickens with each page and each new character that appears. Being the first book in this series, it is a wonderful introduction and set-up to the battle that’s about to be fought. Yes, the vampire “chaos” is certainly a part of this new set of novels - but the concept is something that will appeal to many on a whole different level; a truly beautiful story that contains honest-to-goodness heart and soul…as well as fangs. Enjoy!

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