Author:  Charlie and Linda Bloom
ISBN:  978-1-57731-678-7
Publisher:  New World Library

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We have all glimpsed what we believe “looks like love” in others.  Most of us have even experienced what we believed was real love…if only for brief periods of time.  The authors of this book interview 27 couples and share with us their joys, struggles and learning experiences for long-term relationship success with each other.   Readers will laugh, cry and be moved by the stories in this book.  You may even see yourself in some of the stories.  The book has many great morsels of wisdom to use in your own relationship.  “The people who share their words and insights are passionately alive. They don’t all have interests in common with their partners, but they are interesting people in their own right, so they bring vitality to the marriage. They have achieved a delicate balance: they are committed to themselves and to the relationship…”  Some couples are very candid about issues in their relationships and just as candid about how they worked through them together to both get to the deeper relationship…sometimes to their own surprise.

The authors didn’t give us their criteria for choosing the couples but they did give a list of what they found to be evident in both partners of these 27 couples.  Here are just a few:

·Have a high level of mutual respect and trust

·Have good conflict management skills and work out differences effectively; Tend not to hold grudges

·Tend not to get caught in cycles of blame, and generally look at their own contributions to relationship breakdowns when they occur

·Frequently acknowledge what they appreciate about each other and express their complaints or concerns respectfully without making the other seem wrong

·Are honest with themselves and each other

If each of our relationships had just one-half of the things on this list, we could put the 50% divorce rate in the toilet and feel that our society really accomplished something great.  We could start passing down the function instead of the dysfunction.  

The most important thing that should be taken from this book is that every day your relationship needs care; as do your career, children and almost all aspects of your life.  Great relationships don’t just happen; they are made great by the continued commitment of two people, each day.

 Click Here To Purchase Secrets of Great Marriages: Real Truth from Real Couples about Lasting Love