Author: Karen Ehman

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 978-0-310-33392-0

You and I have much to learn about letting go, about prying our fingers off the control wheel of life and giving it back to the One who created multitasking, take-charge women in the first place,” Karen Ehman writes in her book, Let. It. Go.: How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith.

The target audience of this two hundred and twenty-four page paperback book is mainly Christian women who are controllers and want to stop fixating on issues they have no control over. Based on Biblical foundations, mainly the New International Version is used along with the AMP, ESV, HCSB, NKJV, and NLT. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence.

After a foreword by Candace Cameron Bure, the book is divided into three parts: why women love to run the show, running the show at home, and how to lose control and keep the faith. With a few self-evaluation quizzes to determine women’s control issues, the eleven chapters start with a Bible verse or quote by a famous person and sometimes end with a short prayer. 

In a humorous, self-degrading, sarcastic, or occasionally irreverent tone, Ehman conveys through mainly her own experiences in her forty-plus years of life that women need to loosen their grip on controlling everything and everyone.

With types of female controllers getting their wishes granted by kindness, enabling, pouting, or complimenting, women need to accept and realize that God is the One in control, not them.

The author explains how women manage their men instead of being submissive, micromanage their children for desired results, obsessively control the household, and over-schedule to accommodate their needs and wants. 

By mentioning Biblical stories of Adam and Eve, Queen Esther, and King David in an up-beat fashion, personal opinions and unrelated topics are interjected with minor focus how Jesus Christ redeemed us and He is the Controller of our lives.

The writer discusses we cannot change others or our circumstances unless it is God’s will, but we can adjust our attitude, alter our actions, and learn how to be content in all things. By learning soul control, we willing need to give it all to God and wait for His appointed outcome. 

With Ehman being middle-aged, circumstances regarding control issues at older ages are not mentioned so the book would be mostly beneficial for newly married or first-time mothers who want a quick, light read instead of an in-depth Bible study on the topic.

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