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Author: C.J. Walter

ISBN: 1-4241-1461-6

Publisher: PublishAmerica

As I began reading C. J. Walter’s suspenseful murder mystery, Misbegotten, I knew right away that this was going to be one good book.  I was right.  From the intriguing beginning to the surprise ending, C. J. Walter has proved to be an expert in holding the audience’s attention.

Jimmy Barrett is an intelligent young boy who grows up under the thumb of his harsh-willed and angry mother, Sylvia.  She seems to enjoy antagonizing the young boy until he lashes out and by that, draws the wrath of his older brother, Matt.  At seventeen, the only happiness Jimmy can find is when he is with Alicia, a young girl who loves him deeply.

Sylvia is determined to keep the young couple apart and when Alicia becomes pregnant, Alicia’s parents take Jimmy to court in order to force Jimmy to accept the responsibility of their minor daughter’s baby.  Sylvia, however, has other plans.  The threats she holds over her son’s head are not just so much smoke.  As Alicia watched Jimmy walk into the courtroom, she knew that she had lost.  Jimmy wouldn’t even look at her.  It was as though she had never existed.  All her hopes and dreams of the two running away together to raise their baby, slid down her face in the form of cold salty tears. 

A young girl is reported missing and had last been seen with Jimmy brings detectives knocking on his mother's door.  Sylvia soon realizes her son has been up to no good and quickly ships him off to live with an aunt in Alaska.  While in Alaska Jimmy and two of his friends become involved with a corporation that supplied guides for hunting expeditions.  They began to make more money than they had ever thought imaginable.  Jimmy often returned to his mother’s home just to flaunt his wealth in front of her, his older brother, and anyone in town that would notice.

After operating for several years, suddenly the corporation closed down leaving Jimmy and his two friends with no jobs and no money.  Expecting their good fortune to last forever, they failed to save for the rainy day that had just befallen them.  They returned home broke and with their tails between their legs.

Jimmy however, refused to stay down.  His niece was murdered and suddenly his older brother, Matt was in a horrible accident.  Although, he was alive, Matt was burned beyond recognition and soon died of his injuries.  Jimmy brought in an attorney to settle his brother’s affairs.  Matt still had one daughter and one son living and a fortune that few people, including his children, knew about.  Between Jimmy and his not-so-honest attorney, they managed to rob the children of their inheritance.

Jimmy, however, didn’t count on  Matt’s oldest daughter, Marie, having enough intelligence and will-power to dig into her sister’s and her father’s suspicious deaths.  Marie was married to a sheriff and although, he underestimated some of Marie’s claims, he helped her with her investigation into her sister’s death and her father’s will.

Young women around the area began disappearing and a few of the bodies were found in the woods; the latest was found in a nearby lake.  When the ex-mayor of the town suddenly dies and his sister and her husband begin to sort through his belongings, things are uncovered that turns the whole town topsy-turvy.  Now the FBI is involved.  Jimmy and his friend’s worlds begin to crumble.

But the mystery doesn’t end there.  You will have to read the book to find out just what Pandora’s box holds.  This is one suspenseful mystery that you won’t want to miss.  It will keep your heart pumping all the way through.  Enjoy it; I certainly did!

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