Author: Ken Corday

ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-4222-9

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Days of our Lives fans and non-fans alike will enjoy Ken Corday’s autobiographical account of his life growing up with the hit soap opera. Corday intertwines his life and the show quite seamlessly and it is apparent that both have become one - the show itself is ingrained in the author and vice-versa. Corday honestly discusses his family complete with both good and bad; not in a judgmental or condescending way but in a refreshingly truthful and factual way. In Corday’s case, life truly does imitate art with drama ebbing and flowing through the years. The author is very unassuming when he gives the reader glimpses into his childhood. A gifted pianist, Corday underplays how he was chosen to receive lessons from a master while studying at Julliard. He’s honest as he describes his perchance for drifting in his younger days before becoming the Executive Producer of the show.

Ken Corday genuinely cares for and loves his cast of the award winning Days of our Lives. He refers to the leading ladies of the show as the Hourglass Ladies, fondly comparing each of them to a precious stone. The leading men he refers to as the Magnificent Seven and discusses their lives, both past and present, their successes and how some of them came to star on the show. Ken Corday knows that Days of our Lives may not have been the award winner it was without some of these talented daytime stars and his appreciation and admiration shine forth in the book.

If you’re not a Days fan, you may be a little lost near the end of the book when Corday discusses the Hourglass Ladies and the Magnificent Seven; however, you will undoubtedly find the rest of the story interesting and compelling. Corday begins by discussing his family’s immigration to America and the events that led to the Corday’s move from Manhattan to LA. We learn how his father and ultimately his mother worked tirelessly in TV and how the idea of Days of our Lives came to fruition. Corday has an easy writing style intertwining stories of cast members and the show with his own stories such as how he matter-of-factly mentions he joined a band that had once opened for Jimi Hendrix!

As a long time Days fan (I saw my first show at age 14), this book was an enjoyable trip down memory lane allowing me to reminisce about the good old days of growing up with Bo and Hope and Kayla and Patch. The families of Days are so courageous and strong and, reading this book, it is no wonder. Ken Corday came from a family just as strong. They cared for their children and they cared for their show and their actors the way a family would care for a child - with nurturing and love. And it paid off - with People’s Choice Awards and Emmy Awards and countless fans who tune in each and every day to hear the famous trademark line of the show: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Click Here To Purchase The Days of our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of our Lives