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Reviewer Sandra E. Graham is  the author of Amos Jakey and Nicolina published by American Book Publishing. Sandra graduated from Arkansas State University in Joeboro, Arkansas. Many of her articles have been posted on various ezines. To read an interview with Sandra Click Here

 Articles by this Author

Author: Frances Hunter
ISBN: 978-0-9777636-0-3
Publisher: Blind Rabbit Press

Frances Hunter has done a bang-up job in delivering this wonderfully exciting adventure to life and it’s certainly one you won’t want to miss

Author: Ruthe Rosen with Lisa Greathouse
ISBN: 978-0-578-00638-3
Publisher:  KARmedia LLC

Let It Be is the most inspirational, sad-and-heart-warming-all-at-once, book that I have ever had the honor of reading. Ruthe Rosen and Lisa Greathouse have done a remarkable job of presenting the sparkling, spirited personality of Karla Asch-Rosen to the reading public. 

Author: Aaron D. Taylor
ISBN; 978-1-934466-13-1
Publisher: Foghorn

I can relate to the Christian perspective of this work and can only marvel at the depth to which Aaron has delved in an endeavor to open the eyes of Christians and Muslims alike

Author: Rubye Graham-Emerson
ISBN: 0-75961-640-X

Rubye Graham-Emerson, does a remarkable job of laying the ground work to help prospective college students to prepare themselves and get the help they need from various sources to set them on the road to a better life through higher education

Author: Tom Gauthier
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2713-0
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Code Name: Orion’s Eye is a wonderful combination of historical fact and fiction woven together by a remarkable new talent in the world of unsung authors. Tom Gauthier has done an outstanding job with this edge-of-your-seat thriller. The ending will totally blow you away. This is one book I would say is a must-read for any historical World War II buffs or anyone who just loves to read.

Author:June Cross



Secret Daughter is a memoir that will fill your heart with a mixture of emotions. Sadness for a young mother who is forced by a harsh and unforgiving culture to deny the daughter that she so clearly loves with all her heart. Empathy for the little girl that doesn’t understand the hierarchy of differences that kept her from her mother’s side. And finally, the sorrow of so many lost years of closeness that might have been.

Author:Arthur Desmarais



Me, My God, My Country is a wonderfully well-written and insightful work from this new author, Arthur Desmarais. Easy to read and enjoy, Arthur deftly delves into his own inner passions and subconscious ideals of a life and country that keeps us all in a constant quest for change. Arthur, in his writing, shows himself to be a great talent of intellectual fortitude.

Author: C.J. Walter

ISBN: 1-4241-1461-6

Publisher: PublishAmerica

As I began reading C. J. Walter’s suspenseful murder mystery, Misbegotten, I knew right away that this was going to be one good book.  I was right.  From the intriguing beginning to the surprise ending, C. J. Walter has proved to be an expert in holding the audience’s attention.

Author: Doug Hewitt


Publisher:Aberdeen Bay

Doug Hewitt takes a seemingly dull and typical dead-end occupation of insurance fraud investigation and turns it into a run-a-way excursion into murder, illegal chop shops, and crime wars—the underbelly of America’s motor-city Detroit.   Hewitt’s bigger-than-life character, Jack Thigpen’s day to day problems lends realism to this wonderfully written mystery.



Author: Persis Granger

ISBN: 978-0-9742085-1-0

Publisher: Beaver Meadow Publishing

Adirondack Gold II is a continuation of the saga of young Hollis Ingraham as begun in the previous Adirondack Gold.  And once again Persis Granger does a wonderful job of capturing and holding her audience’s attention with this fascinating historical fiction.  This is young adult reading at its very best and I, as a much, much older adult, found it to be a real page-turner and hard-to-put-down from beginning to end.  These are books to be enjoyed by a diverse age group.

Author: Persis Granger

ISBN: 978-0-9742085-0-3

Publisher: Beaver Meadow Publishing

Persis Granger is a master of historical fiction and Adirondack Gold is a prime example.  Her realistic characters make her books come alive with realism and energy.   Her writing talent puts you right in the center of each heart-warming and heart-throbbing situation.

Author: Mike Kearby

ISBN: 978-0-9788422-9-1

Publisher: Trail’s End Books

The Last Renegade is historical adventure fiction at its very best.  Mike Kearby brings realism and chills to his readers in this wonderfully exciting tale of the Old West.  His characters are straight off the rugged plains of a time all but forgotten.

Author: Julie W. Buscher

ISBN: 978-0-9786352-3-7

Publisher: Central Plains Book MFG. Co.

Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures is a delightful concoction of love, friendship, joy, and mischievous behavior wrapped in the brightly colored package that is Homer, the Helicopter.  Julie Buscher’s creative imagination has given birth to a wonderful character that will steal the hearts of children around the world.


Review: Compulsion

Author: Jennifer Chase

ISBN: 978-1-4327-3416-9

Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

Jennifer Chase’s Compulsion is an all-time great fiction suspense thriller.  Jennifer takes her knowledge of forensic science and criminology to new levels of understanding and entertainment.

Author: Elizabeth Carroll Foster

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 978-0-595-48384-6

Elizabeth Carroll Foster’s Southern Winds A’ Changing is historical fiction at its best.  Her realistic characters come to life in a life and death struggle with the harsh farmlands of Arkansas and the racial changes that are trying desperately to take hold in a community that fights change of any kind. 

This is one new author who stands up to be recognized.

Review: Brother

Author: James Fredericks

ISBN: 978-0-9802455-6-1

Publisher: Bascom Hill Publishing Group

Just when you think you have this one all figured out, the story takes another disconcerting twist.  James Fredericks neatly takes you on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride of suspense and thrills.  His first novel, Brother, shows all the earmarks of a ground breaking best seller.  

The Price of Death

Author: S. J. Robinson

Publisher: Bridgeway Books

ISBN: 978-1-934454-30-5

S. J. Robinson has woven a hypnotic tale of suspense and intrigue worthy of the most renowned writers in the field of mystery. A mystery that you surely won’t want to miss.

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