Author: Tom Gahan
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6663-4
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

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An exceptional debut novel. Set against the backdrop of the idyllic waterfront location of Harmony Bay, Tom Gahan has weaved a wonderful tale, full of intrigue, mystery, adventure, action, and a twist of romance.

Dory McDonough is a young widow; taking her ten year old son, James, she moves to Harmony Bay, a small town, hoping to build a better life for herself and her son.  Dory soon learns that there are perils that lurk in the bay that could be just as dangerous as any found in a big city.  There are quite a few nail-biting moments contained in this action/adventure.

As Dory and James settle in to life in the waterfront town, they get to know their neighbours, some of whom are eccentric, but all of whom are friendly and welcoming.  The community in Harmony Bay soon becomes like an extended family for Dory and James.  The backstory about the mysterious Christian Carroll—once a resident of the bay—is enchanting. 
The portrayal of Dory, the single mother wanting to do the best for her son, with all the financial challenges, and her nervousness about introducing a new man into her son’s life, is all very realistic and believable.  The book is filled with larger than life, well developed characters.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and could hardly tear myself away from it.

Tom Gahan is a truly gifted author who is able to fully engage the reader with his prose. I would recommend this book to readers of all ages who like escapism and adventure.
With the references to the American Revolution, the information about shellfish research, fishing techniques, among other things, there is much to learn from this book.  It would be a great addition to any English Literature book lists for secondary schools, as I believe young readers would be enthralled by ten year old James’s adventures.  I also thought that the way the characters relate to each other and the moral messages contained in the story would make it an appropriate book to be included in the school curriculum.

The author has created a book that reels the reader in, keeps them interested and entertained.  Harmony Bay seems like a real place, and as you read the book you can almost feel the warmth of the community.

I was sad to reach the end of ‘Harmony Bay’, and hope to read more from this talented author in the future.

Click Here To Purchase Harmony Bay: An adventurous slice of waterfront life where mystery surrounds history...