Author: Lois W. Stern
Publisher: Infinity
ISBN: 0-7414-5359-2

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Tick Tock, Stop the Clock, is a follow-up book to Lois Stern’s more introspective book Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery, pulling together 11 nationally recognized expert’s writings on how to improve ones look. The uniqueness of this book, as compared to the first, is that the emphasis is on non-invasive procedures that can change ones appearance as opposed to invasive procedures (such as a face lift).

Each of the chapters is devoted to one of the experts who provide both an overview followed by a reasonably well detailed in-depth examination of the current procedures available and practiced in their particular field of specialization.

The experts span the gamut of non-invasive means for improving ones look. The chapters are grouped loosely into related sections starting with lasers and fillers followed by skin, teeth and hair then esthetician and spas. The final grouping of experts looks at nutrition and non-invasive removal of fat tissue and lastly a chapter just on makeup and the illusions that can be created. Although the book is targeted primarily to a female audience, as a male, I can say that a significant portion of the material is applicable to both sexes. Whether that was a conscious decision of Lois when putting this book together, I have no idea, but it is in fact the reality of the material presented. Aging affects everyone; men included. It’s just with women that it is viewed more critically than with men.

Lois starts the book with an opening chapter and wraps it up with some thoughtful words about why how you feel about what you look like is important.

It would seem reasonable that if you are interested in how you look that you should consider non-invasive procedures prior to the invasive ones – both from a financial and medical perspective. How one feels about themselves is clearly dependent on how they look (to themselves and others). The importance of that perception naturally varies from one person to the next but for most people, there is a definite importance associated with it. Tick Tock, Stop the Clock offers insight into procedures that are available to you if you wish to improve your self-perception. It provides a roadmap for a novice such as me and in that vein; it meets its intended goal.

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