Follow Here To Purchase The Seeds of Sorrow

Author: Lisa Brown

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing

ISBN: 978-1622-876-68-6 (pb)

EB: 978-1622-876-67-9

I am sure that many readers are awaiting this book because most would have particularly liked writer Lisa Brown's first novel, The Porter's Wife.

Her grasp on emotional scenes was taut and tense, but it also was something that could melt an unforgiving heart! To me it particularly reminded of none other than Jane Austen's beautifully etched strong women characters. Initially, I presumed that this is mostly because the writer herself is a woman but I have to admit that after having read this book, it is clear that Lisa's grasp on even male characters is equally intriguing.

The plot is simple; it is a woman's narrative and her tumultuous but passionate struggle to stay afloat during ‘Great Depression' and other equally tyrannical times. Coming back to the central figure in this novel I have to say that it is a sort of celebration of womanhood without the writer taking the inherent femininity out of her lead character, although at times it may seem too unreal but yet the grip on characters and the scene executions keep the momentum going.

So what is the best part of the novel that others of the same genre may not possess? A fine reading of this work reveals that the most attractive part remains her steady grip on the language. Her language is classy and precise, ably weaved to reflect the time she has chosen to portray in her novel. In fact, those who love the clever use of words and wish to win over someone may as well try some lines ardently. So, all in all, I would say that those who like intelligent and sensitive writing can certainly go for this novel.

The writer has done a great work but I would also concede that this is a serious novel, although the writer has punctured the sufferings and endless fights of the protagonist with several beautiful and realistic passages dedicated to a normal family life, yet the mood remains somber. So therefore, those who have a penchant for easy breezy work should think twice before laying hands on this book. This is otherwise a great work and is free of street language therefore, everyone can read it. I would recommend this book for sure for its clean editing, great hold on the language, beautifully executed emotional scenes and certainly for the valorous heroine. Go for it!