Author: Jackie Carpenter
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 978-1-61215-557-9

For 10 months I wrestled with the ‘what if’ factor. What if God doesn’t help us? What if God lets Jason go to prison even though he is innocent? It was all of those “what if” questions that weakened my faith. It was only when I stopped questioning God and started trusting God that I obtained peace!” Jackie Carpenter explains in her book, Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith.

This hardbound book contains one hundred and fifty pages, formatted in double-spaced manuscript style so can be easily read in one to two hours. Noted as a sequel to the author’s book, The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91, it is more of a reiteration of her in-depth, personal conflict during the ten month period when the author’s son was arrested and accused of five counts including felony murder. With mostly mentioning how she dealt with Satan’s onslaught of attacks throughout the ordeal, the book is geared toward Christians or those going through their own tribulations, wanting to totally rely and trust in God’s will. There are several poorly cut, pasted and barely readable newspaper articles among the chapters.

In this second book, Carpenter retells the story of her son’s accidental shooting of a man at a construction site and how she personally dealt with the anger, pain and frustration during the arrest and trial. However, this book concentrates heavily on her private experiences dealing with the feeling that she had been stung, stalked and attacked repeatedly on her body, mind and family by the deceiver himself, Satan. She mentions days and nights barely being able to get out of bed, obsession with all facets of the case and questioning if she should bring her Bible into the courtroom until she reaches the point of surrendering everything to God.

As she shows the reader the journey she takes from frantic nightmares and daymares, depression, physical exhaustion to the point of needing a blood transfusion and the constant barrage of stress, she finds solace and shelter in her “prayer closet” where she finds peace and comfort in continually calling upon Jesus for help. When she is repeatedly taunted by thoughts and conversations with Satan, Bible verses are brought to mind to escape the darkness into Light through committing her body, mind and even son, Jason to God’s complete care and control.

Even though there is the rehashing of the last book and repetition within chapters, Carpenter does a good job explaining the physical and emotional depression, the internal struggle between unseen powers and the blessed peace when one ultimately and finally hands over all things over to God.

Without giving the explicit plan of eternal salvation, anyone going through trials and tribulations can relate and be strengthened that this writer wants to be committed to walking with her Lord and Savior, no matter what the outcome.

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