Author:  Janette Kenny
ISBN:  978-1-4201-0659-6
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I’ve always said that if every man who walked the face of the Earth wore a cowboy hat, life would be much better for the female population.  There’s just something about a man in one of those fantastic accessories.  Perhaps, if the stunning vamp and werewolf in everybody’s beloved Twilight wore Stetsons, than I’d finally understand what all the fuss is about.
With this novel, however, I completely understand the fuss.  Dade Logan is our main character.  He’s a lawman in Placid, Colorado in the year 1895, and is basically…bored.  There’s not a whole lot of crime in the small town of Placid.  In fact, except for jailing the town drunk once in a while, Dade basically just spends all his time waiting for the one woman that he’s dying to see again step off the train.