Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-60795-075-6

This book by Clifford B. Boyer is a psychological thriller and talks about a young man and how he is driven to commit a heinous crime. The book tells the story of a go-getter reduced to bits by a scheming good-for-nothing woman who feels the man is not worth his position. She decides to destroy him and his freedom but instead she ends up in a pit (pun intended)! Clifford B. Boyer is a marvelous writer; he creates a great plot and does not try even once to make the lead protagonist that shining knight in white, that we-all-oh-so-love, even at once. His lead man is a twisted guy who wouldn’t blink twice before cheating on his unsuspecting wife.

The woman he cheats on his wife with too does not seem to have any moral tugs and stands in front of her as the man’s friend and savior! But what takes the cake for best character is the schemer! She is the best part of this book. Such characters make the book brutally real and so in-your-face that that to some it would look unbelievable. But then reading through history books is also an ‘unreal’ experience for most of us!

Another good part about the book is the prologue and epilogue. The first comes as a shock and another as a warning for what fate awaits for those who the protagonist feels are evil. The book is racy; it has enough depth and is a crisp read. It also offers great insight into the mind of the protagonist and his scheming without boring the reader with the details. His sorrow at the destruction of his world by a lesser able person is shattering. But one look around and it is highly possible that we all have been a witness to such a scenario in our day to day life. Normally, the tendency of a person is to simply ignore or drift away somewhere else, but what if the person is trapped? Can drifting away be a viable option then? Is it justified to keep bearing whatever is thrown at us?

May be some would say yes, that such are the ways of this world etcetera, but others may choose to right the wrong in the way that they feel is right. The protagonist belongs to the second category and that is what makes this book a great reading companion! In a nutshell, an excellent read for anyone looking for a thriller!

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