Author: Ben Tripp
ISBN: 978-1439165164

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

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Craving a zombie thriller with some meat on its bones? Grab a copy of Ben Tripp’s Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller and let that slake your appetite.

Originally drafted as a movie screenplay, Rise Again found its way on the shelves of bookstores, and a book worth grabbing, it is.

Rise Again is not your ordinary run-and-gun or duck-and-cower kind of thriller. Sure, Ben Tripp fills the pages with everything you’d expect from a zombie apocalypse--grotesque man-eaters, death-defying close calls, not-so-death-defying close calls, dire means to survive, etc. That’s all nice and good, but those elements are merely necessary for Tripp’s novel to call itself a zombie thriller; all those elements combined aren’t the meat of what makes Rise Again shine in all its gory, I mean glory.

What sets it apart is a female lead who’s accustomed to crises and competent in the trenches, the variety of characters representing various demographics in the struggle to live, the gritty honesty with which Tripp examines the ugly side of humanity amidst the end of the world, the way you get swept up in the action, the fear, and the determination to escape a fate worse than death.