Author: R. William Bennett

Publisher: Burgess Adams

ISBN: 978-0-9825606-3-1

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What if the person you needed to apologize to the most was the one that deserved it the least? That is the profoundly meaningful question explored in The Christmas Gift by R. William Bennett. Highlighting the importance of forgiveness even under the most tormenting circumstances, The Christmas Gift successfully proves that compassion and forgiveness is the ultimate answer to all our worries and sufferings.

Packaged in a deeply moving tale of two young, sixth-grade boys who get off on the wrong foot in their first encounter, The Christmas Gift recounts the astonishing events that lead Scott and Ben to become great friends one day, all because they learned the power of forgiveness.

Scott has just moved into a new town and on his first day at his new school he meets Ben, the school bully who torments other kids. After intervening Ben terrorizing a fellow schoolmate, Scott becomes the new object of Ben’s everyday bullying. Following one-too-many unpleasant confrontations, Scott loses his cool and yells at Ben, in his anger, telling Ben everybody at school including Scott hates him.

Scott has been distressed for days over the yelling, which is not in his nature, and the hurt he saw in Ben’s eyes. Scott has a long talk with his father before he gathers up the courage to go up to Ben’s house and apologizes to him.

During the course of the time, Scott discovers that Ben has no real friends and when Scott finds out the true nature of Ben, the previously unknown good side of him, Scott sees Ben in a new light that is a far-cry from what everybody else see in him. Their friendship thus evolved into a strong bond both Ben and Scott has come to cherish to the end.

The meaningful message tucked away in this heart-warming tale of two young people is loud and clear as Bennett successfully directs the readers to the very core of the subject: how the gift of forgiveness could have a deeply positive impact on the lives of many just like the two characters in this story, their perspective about compassion forever changed. After reading The Christmas Gift, so will yours.

A poignant tale of great substance and inspiration, The Christmas Gift is a life-enhancing, invaluable lesson to people from all walks of life; a life-long lesson that should be carried forward from one individual to another, one friend to another, one family to another, and from generation to generation. An everlasting gift that will shape us all into forgiving, kind, caring and compassionate beings, The Christmas Gift is indeed a wonderful present we must gift not only to others but also to ourselves.

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