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Author: Marina Johnson, M.D. 

Publisher: Eyesong Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-460968680

Dr. Marina Johnson, endocrinologist, pharmacist and medical writer, has written the book Outliving Your Ovaries – An Endocrinologist Weighs The Risks and Rewards of Treating Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy in hopes all women who are menopausal will consider medicinal treatment.

This three hundred and fourteen page paperback book has a front and back cover depicting a woman from an artist’s viewpoint during the stages of life.  It starts off with seven pages of reviews, the table of contents, a dedication, a short biography, a preface and a note about the jacket cover.  The book is broken down into five sections including the doctor’s personal experience with HRT (hormone replacement therapy), understanding a woman’s body, the pros and cons of taking estrogen, which type of HRT and the cycles of a woman’s life.  The last seventy seven pages are devoted to acknowledgements, external links, references and index.  No grammatical or typographical errors were noted.

The book goes into detail on the different types of HRT, oral or topical, and explains the short and long term benefits, risks and side effects of taking either one and comparing it to not taking any type of HRT.  Helpful scientific in-depth sections are delineated by a chemical sign for the reader to skip or read later.

Dr. Johnson is Pro-Pharmaceutical Bioidentical HRT as she takes the drug in topical form herself.  From her perspective and that of seeing thousands of patients, she feels some form of an HRT is necessary for menopausal women compared to none.  She lightly touches on prior circumstances (breast feeding, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, etc) that factor in during menopause.  No reference to C-sections or ablations is mentioned in relation to menopause.

Because only twenty percent of American menopausal women take an HRT, Dr. Johnson explains and promotes the drug, wishing eighty percent or more would consider the option.  However, no homeopathic avenues are discussed nor what happens after the HRT is administered and one goes off it (this reader has been told symptoms return to the point where the HRT was first started so one is only delaying the menopausal process).

This is an exceptional book for any woman entering or in menopause to consider and be made aware of the upcoming events in her life.  Due to one’s own medical history, the reader now has more opportunities to decide if going on an HRT will improve her quality of life or not. OB/GYN offices should have this book offered to menopausal women in the condition that homeopathic alternatives or no drugs are discussed.

Follow Here To Purchase Outliving Your Ovaries