Author: Ruth Doumlele
ISBN: 978-1-935359-25-8

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This is an extraordinary book!!!  I can't think of enough adjectives to describe the moments I spent reading The Randolph Women and their Men.  It's just exceptional.
I usually don't read a lot of biographies but, this book was so well researched, and included the lives of so many famous and infamous people who lived in the time of this narrative, that I couldn't put it down.  Even though the Randolph family members are the real stars of the story, they consort with influential people such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison.  The author brings these people to life brilliantly.  The riotous times that were had in this era (late 1700's - early 1800's) were so much fun to read, and gives a great look at all the witty and clever Randolph women and their privileged lives – that weren't all that private at times. 

These lives were subjected to disloyalty, love that was certainly not returned by their men, and worse.  This book sets forth the intriguing and sometimes revolting details of these brave women and their men. I use the adjective BRAVE, because these wonderful women were trained very early on to be mistresses of their husbands’ plantations, take care of the sick (both family and slaves), keep the books, and write numerous letters to keep in contact with family and friends.  Women were married off very young, not having a very long courtship time.  Southern men expected their women to be good at home management, always gracious to guests and, of course, to have many children.  Although this book was mainly about the women, the men didn't come off looking too good, at least to me.  They traveled, made speeches, made believe they ran the properties, but the women really did most of that while the men just chased other women.  I really admired these women and felt a little sorry for them at the same time.
I highly recommend this book to all readers, not just biography readers.  The story reads much like fiction and the narrative is quick and interesting.  As far as I'm concerned, after reading The Randolph Women, you can forget The Desperate Housewives, The Real Housewives of New York, New Jersey, etc. and the laughable Kardashians, because the Randolph Women are definitely the REAL HOUSEWIVES.  Hats off to Ruth Doumlele, and thanks fora great read.

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