Follow Here To Purchase New Magna Carta: A Psychiatrist's Prescription for Western Civilization

Author: Dr. Nicholas Beecroft

Publisher: Dr. Nicholas Beecroft

ISBN-13: 978-1506191676

ISBN-10: 1506191673

                        A New Way of Life

Exactly 800 years ago, in 1215, King John of England was forced to sign the Magna Carta, a document that defined the basic rights and freedoms of the nobles and clergy. Largely forgotten for most of the following years, an extended and enlarged version of the same, serves as a reminder today of the right of the people to hold the monarch and government to account.

The old Magna Carta was exported around the world and its guiding principles can be found incorporated in the law of many countries, including the Declaration of Human Rights. “Its’ core values of freedom, rights and justice have remained the same over the centuries, being as valid today as they were 800 years ago”.

Today we have a scenario where people are more aware of their rights than ever before. As multiple authority figures stumble and fall, and weakened power structures crumble due to persistent and insidious corruption, it is time to question, as a member of the human race, “Where do we stand? What is it that drives us? What are our priorities?” among others.

The purpose of the New Magna Carta is to make this inner map and compass explicit and to recommend the next upgrade”.

In an earlier book called “Analyse West”, Dr. Nicholas Beecroft dwelt on the problems that ail Western Civilization. This was done by personifying  Western Civilization as a patient of depression called West, who visits a maverick psychologist called James Hill. West is very unsure of his bona fides, so James has to find ways to give him confidence in his motives and his actions. As the story unfolds, West, having confronted and integrated all parts of himself, including those that triggered self doubt and criticism within him, gathers a large number of international dignitaries to a conference on rephrasing the old Magna Carta. A detailed version of those suggestions, geared to create a sea change in our appraisal of ourselves as individuals coming together to form the renewed and revitalized human race, and how we can engage in activities more akin to our real nature, is the subject of this book.

The changes envisaged for a society, according to the new Magna Carta, which is where we are going, are not exactly miniscule. A Tectonic Shift would be more appropriate. According to the author, “The frozen ice will melt, bringing long dormant forces back to life. Solutions that have been waiting in the wings will come quickly to the fore...As things unravel, unforeseen events will trigger a chain reaction which will unleash forces beyond our control.”

The need for this kind of earth shaking change to  our society that many say is on the cards is that “The core wound of our civilization is dehumanization due to materialism...Science and capitalism.. have neglected and undervalued those things we can measure, e.g., love, care, security, peace and so on…Many organizations treat human beings as if they were cogs in a machine…..Medicine excels in technical areas, but forgets the basics, care, sleep, diet, rest, healing. This dehumanization pervades all aspects of life”.

In this very content rich book, the author examines all conceivable levels of society to combat this super technological, super secular mindset of our institutions, pointing out, at different levels of consciousness, the shifts in attitude, that this kind of overhauling of human values involves. The author puts it very beautifully in the following words,”We all have an inner shining §light…(that) is usually hidden under a personality, uniform or lots of activity. (The challenge is to) love one another by regarding the being (of light) in another and acting accordingly.” The way to go, according to the author, is to be guided by your heart in making decisions, cultivating peace and gratitude and following your intuition in reading situations.

An important pitfall to be aware of and avoid is the victim-rescuer consciousness that contravenes the positive feelings of peace and gratitude that right action instills in us. Also “hopelessness, cynicism and low expectations are a self fulfilling prophecy. There is a wealth of scientific evidence to show that positive thinking and optimism are an adaptive strategy for life”.

 A comprehensive discussion of the levels at which change is required and how to implement it is beyond the scope of this already long review. Suffice it to say that the value systems of all walks of society, e.g. medicine, religion, family, schooling, knowledge, sexuality among others are taken up. The goal is a world in which all living beings work together in harmony like the cells in a living organism, while feeling blessed for doing so.

There have been other books in the market about the prophesied changes to the earth and its people. This book could occupy a pride of place among them since the mindset required to meet the calamities predicted for human civilization is analyzed. This book describes lucidly, the appropriate system for optimal performance, without recourse to so-called mystical concepts, depending instead on the linkages between our senses and the choices that we make. Hence it could also appeal to those with a rational sceptical bent of mind, compared to one with a more open outlook. The readability of this book (for me) is 8.5-9.0 on a scale of 10.

Strongly recommended to one and all.