Author: Sadie Jones
ISBN: 978-0-06-192988-5

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I was one of the lucky individuals who read The Outcast when it was first printed.  The Outcast was an absolutely fantastic book, and the first by this incredible author.  So I was completely excited when this latest offering arrived in the mail.  Literally at the onset of the first page, I was swept away.

The strains of the horns flow through your brain as the cadets – the group of new soldiers – march across the parade grounds in the rain.  It is 1946 and Princess Elizabeth walks up and down the lines, inspecting the troops.  Clara sits in the stands staring down through the drops to find her brother James and her brother’s best friend Hal, as they are reviewed in their spectacular uniforms by the future Queen.

Clara is a lovely young woman with stars in her eyes.  After the graduation, she gets dressed from the ball and walks into the room where she finds herself in the arms of Hal – her future husband.  The kind words, stolen kisses, dazzling clothing, and whispered dreams that happen that evening are all a look at the innocence waning right before Clara and Hal’s eyes.  Hal was centered and focused, seeing and thinking of nothing besides the woman he loved by his side, and the service to his country.  He made a promise to himself to serve both, never realizing that life can turn bad quickly.

The majority of this wonderful novel is set in Cyprus – where English soldiers were assigned, after the war was over.  In Cyprus, Hal’s job was to work with his soldiers to stop any terrorist groups or attacks that seemed to be increasing every day.  Hal spends most of his days going through the small Greek towns searching for anyone who is ready to do harm.  Unfortunately, his devoted wife Clara and their two children (twin girls) are enclosed on the base, living a frightening existence as Clara try’s with all her might to hide her fear and keep her family together.

For a couple who is so much in love, the hardships of their surroundings as well as Hal’s job begin to take a toll on their life together.  Hal is faced with horrible human atrocities of civilians being killed, and women being brutalized by soldiers.  Everything that Hal has fought for and believed in starts to crumble around him, leaving him confused and hurt.  While Hal faces his struggle, Clara is relegated to wife – quiet and subservient.  Until one day, a bullet comes between Clara and Hal – opening a wound that may never heal.

This is an outstanding second novel from Sadie Jones.  Not only is the story both heartbreaking and endearing, the romance and struggle between the two outstanding main characters is an honor to read.

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