Click Here To Purchase or Find Out More About Unemployed? No Problem!

Author: Allen L. Giertz

ISBN-10: 1589398351

ISBN-13: 978-1589398351


Sorry to say it but Allen Giertz’s book is one which is growing in importance day by day in America…  But Giertz’s take on this is to make unemployment a positive experience to go out and get something better for yourself.  He presents a practical guide for getting your benefits in order, budgeting your money and then getting in gear and getting back out there to find a better positions than you had before.

In my opinion this book is much more about getting work than how to live on the dole.  And that is good.  The first few chapters for me were quite unappealing because of my libertarian nature.  Allen Giertz explains what benefits that you might have and gives practical advice as to how you should go about getting your state support.  Personally, I don’t even like to think about this, but if you have paid into the system then you are entitled.  The rest of the book is the good advice on how to do job searches, how to network for contacts and information, how to not only update your résumé but to also tailor your résumé so that you will be much more attractive to employers.

If you have recently been laid off or you think it is on its way, I recommend you buy this book or ask your librarian for it.  It is chock full of the information you will need to get back on your feet, especially if you are new to the job market or have been rusty in job hunting skills.  Allen Giertz does the worker a good service with his book!

Click Here To Purchase or Find Out More About Unemployed? No Problem!