Author:  Dr. Reggie Anderson with Jennifer Schuchmann

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-4143-9023-9


What does it mean to love God with all your mind? What are some ways you can increase your awareness of heaven while exercising your intellect?” Reggie Anderson with Jennifer Schuchmann asks in their book, 30 Daily Appointments with Heaven: Devotions to Bring the Hope & Joy of Heaven to Your Every Day.


Based on the book written by the authors, Appointments with Heaven, this eighty-four page eBook targets readers looking for a thirty-day devotional that focuses supposedly on heaven. Using only the New Living Translation of the Bible, this reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.


After an introduction, the thirty devotions are followed by a plug to purchase the original book. The ending includes over twenty pages of the foreword and first chapter of the initial book along with the authors’ biographies.


Each devotion starts with a Bible verse written out, Scripture reading to look up, and several pages regarding the topic, followed by a personal question and prayer. Topics sometimes include Biblical characters such as Job, Moses, Lazarus, Paul, and Stephen that are linked to concepts of heaven.


However, mostly mentioned are the writer’s experiences of his childhood dreams coming to pass, family tragedies, going to medical school, dealing with job frustrations, marrying his wife, and camping. Honestly admitting to losing his faith in God, he does explain his thought process to establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


As a family-practice doctor in rural Tennessee for twenty-five years, the author does tell a few end-of-life experiences of his patients’ “gazes of glory” and how he has the gift of “listening” with his hands so he can feel what his patients feel. As one passes from death into new life with Christ, he reports witnessing a glow, breeze, or smell of lilac, citrus, and cedar as he catches glimpses of heaven.


While never mentioning eternal damnation, the book reads more of an autobiography of the doctor’s spiritual walk through life than a reminder about eternity with inserts on the importance of being raised in a Christian home, the healing power of tears and prayers, and bands of angels taking one to heaven. The questions asked at the end of each devotional read as an afterthought to revert to the subject of heaven with no pin-point plan of salvation.


Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for furnishing this book no charge through Facebook.

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