Author: Leslee Tessmann
ISBN: 978-1932690538
Publisher: Loving Healing Press, Inc.

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Tessmann has written a how-to manual for changing perspective. Although she uses grief as the focus, she is really presenting a life changing process for living in the moment. Grief is an easy emotion to work with because most persons in society do not handle grief well even if they don’t just totally ignore it.

Tessmann lived through several grieving processes but also through several other problems that have taught her what she expresses here. She relates her losses but particularly the loss of her father which prompted the writing of the book. Mostly this is how she dealt with grief and what obstacles she had to face.

Through guided meditation but mainly with simple and easy-to-do steps Tessmann shows how to apply lessons she learned in her relationship with grief to the reader’s own grief and many other emotions as well.

Acknowledgments, a Preface and an Introduction, begin the process gently but convincingly for the reader to move from an antagonistic and negative relationship with grief into a productive and actually positive relationship with grief and many other “negative” emotions. Each title to the chapters moves the reader into another step in the process of living in the moment and dealing with grief as it comes to the reader.

Tessmann writes with a clear and logical mind. She illustrates enough from her own process of real life incidents to give valid and direct methods of turning negative reactions to grief into positive, growing reactions. Then as she completes her lessons for taking life one moment at a time, she provides an appendix that is in the form of a study guide with a complete bibliography following. Finally she has established a website ( for forums and further discussion.

The editing and publishing of the book are superb with a good sized font used to allow reading without eye strain or other difficulties. The cover is attractive and the book the right size for library book shelves.

This book should be read by anyone and everyone. It should be a constant desktop accessory for ministers, counselors and any who want to help others with their grief and even with other life issues.

 Click Here To Purchase Sacred Grief: Exploring a New Dimension to Grief