Author: Jeffrey A. Friedberg

ISBN 978-0-6153965-9-0

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Jeffrey A Friedberg, author of The Secret Pillars Of Writing, hails from Philadelphia, PA where we worked as a private investigator. (2010, p.80) He holds a Bachelors degree in English and Sociology and is a thirty second degree Mason and member of the Sublime Prince of the Royal Templar. Friedberg enjoys karate, judo, and firearms. He is single and living in Albuquerque, NM.

The Secret Pillars Of Writing is a short read with some helpful information regarding plot and character development. There are examples provided for most of the suggestions, some better than others, but that may be just personal choice. Mr. Friedberg tends to overdo the telling the reader three times rule (You know the one where you must impress the important points at least three times for the reader to be able to recall them?) and the sheer volume of that redundancy is boring, at least to me.

I’ve read many books about the craft of writing and I would not place this one at the top of my list of suggestions for others interested in learning more about writing to seek out and read. For instance, on page 35 Friedberg (2010) states that “Each sentence must have a hook and a tease. There also has to be a hook and tease in each paragraph, …“. It is my opinion that with all of this hooking and teasing going on so often there would be very little room for plot, character, or story line development. However, despite it’s lacking in serious, credible, or new, information it did manage to impart some key ingredients to persons new at the art of writing. My suggestion is that Mr. Friedberg pick up a copy of Stephen King’s book On Writing and learn more before attempting to write another book about writing.

Click Here To Purchase The Secret Pillars Of Writing: A Crash Course! (Volume 1)