Authors: Miss Pearl and Vicki Gattuso
Publisher: Vicki Gattuso
ISBN: 978-1-4701-1800-6

I’m all about comebacks. I managed to win Best of Breed, not once, but twice, proving that no matter what your size is, you’re beautiful just the way you are,” Pearl explains in her book, Diva Pearl the Pekingese.

This fifty-six page paperback book is ten by ten inches and has a white Pekingese on the front cover surrounded by lots of pink, Pearl’s favorite color. Targeted toward young preschool or kindergarten aged children to anyone who loves this specific breed of dog, it would best be read out loud to young ones due to the amount of reading and sometimes challenging words for a beginner reader. Large photographs of the Pekingese breed along with pink flowers and background designs grace almost every page.

Based on the actual animal, Pearl is an eight year old Pekingese who has been a show dog and is now retired. Rare for a female dog in a male-dominated world of competition, she has won twice the honored Best of Breed award. Being a “sleeve” dog less than seven pounds, she is a mother of two boys and one girl who went to live in Charleston, South Carolina after her show life.

Pearl loves talking about herself, her son Shoko, her mommy and daddy and those that take care of her such as her dog walker, Miss Jacquelyn, her groomer, Miss Nancy, and those at The Pink House where they paint portraits of her. With some repetition, she tells of buggy rides, leaving her yard and Daddy getting in trouble for not watching her, and her hysterectomy and complications with it.

There is some interesting information about the history of the Pekingese along with her own bloodline of show dogs and some of the “butterfly lion’s” particulars of the breed like having crooked legs and large skulls along with being unable to swim.

The photographs are close-up and charming with some taking up an entire page that could be used as a picture in a frame for display. One can easily tell that any lover of this breed will look at the book with love and compassion for this particular canine, especially those that are “fanciers” (people who love dog showing).

With the book supposedly written in first person by the dog, she reiterates how she has overcome several obstacles of life and hopes that she has inspired the reader. With her blog, songs and video along with this book, she is sure to be a diva one way or another.

This book was furnished by the author for review purposes.

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