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Author: Persis Granger

ISBN: 978-0-9742085-0-3

Publisher: Beaver Meadow Publishing

Persis Granger is a master of historical fiction and Adirondack Gold is a prime example.  Her realistic characters make her books come alive with realism and energy.   Her writing talent puts you right in the center of each heart-warming and heart-throbbing situation.

Young Hollis Ingraham is forced by economic plight to leave his mother and to go live with his practically unknown grandparents.   Hollis barely remembers the grandmother and grandfather that he met only once as a baby.   He was also too young to remember his loving father who died suddenly in a tanning fire accident.

Hollis was sure his heart would break when his mother was forced to send him away.  No longer able to pay their rent and buy food for herself and her young son, she broke the news to Hollis that he must go to live with his grandparents while she went to live and work at the towns nearby hotel.  The ache in her own heart matched the ache that caused her son’s eyes to fill with tears at the thought of going away alone to live with strangers. 

Gibby Goodnow, a dear friend of the Ingraham family and especially close friend of Hollis’ father and mother, came by oxen and wagon to pick up the boy and transport him from his home in Warrensburg to his grandparent’s home in the shadow of Crane Mountain.  Gibby became the first ray of sunshine to brighten the lonely young boy’s world.  Friendly and out-going he kept the boy smiling most of the way on their journey to Thurman.   

Hollis’ first week in his grandparent’s home proved to be uncomfortable to say the least.  Although his grandmother was loving and kind, his grandfather proved to be a bit of an enigma. 

Quiet and surly the old man soon earned the nickname from Hollis as Sour Man.  Frowning more often than not, the old man had very little to say to his grandson.

Hollis was determined to learn the truth about the secret that lay hidden in the rift between his parents, especially his mother, and his grandparents.  For some unknown reason Hollis’ grandparents blamed his mother for something that came between his father and his father’s parents.  Could they blame his mother for his father’s death?  Hollis didn’t know the answer, but he knew he had to know the truth. 

Working hard on the farm, Hollis slowly ingratiates his way into the hearts of his grandparents.

And as the weeks go by he struggles to formulate a plan to earn the money that will help his mother get herself out of the financial bind that is keeping them apart. 

Young Hollis soon discovers that making money is no easy feat in a world where money is not something anyone has much use for.  Most staples are homegrown and homemade by all the people of the community.  So when his new school friends tell him the tale of gold hidden somewhere in a cave on Crane Mountain, Hollis embarks on a dangerous mission to find that gold and save his mother.

Adirondack Gold is one book that can be enjoyed by young and old alike.  It has something for everyone and would be a welcome addition to any bookcase.  Join in this heartwarming adventure and saga of one young boy’s life in the early years of Thurman, NY.

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