Author:  Michael Macauley
ISBN:  978-0-375-86493-3

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For those of you who have been in a cave for a good long time, and don’t know what Eragon is, than this is the book that will literally explain it all.  Every character, every world, every magical item, or location is described in detail.  The author who put this together is not only the number one fan of all the Eragon books, but he’s also the webmaster of, which is the #1 Inheritance fan site.
Now, to really understand what an amazing creation the world of Eragon is,
readers should know up front that a fifteen-year-old boy wrote these stories.  He not only possesses an incredible brain and imagination, but he had the support of a family who truly knew how to market the book.  Ten years later, and the first three books of the Inheritance cycle have become a part of the American literary community. 

This almanac is perfect for someone just beginning to enter this fantastical world, as well as a book that will entertain and excite the super fan who needs a comprehensive guide to educate them on all the things they love so much.  We begin with Aberon – which is located in southern Alagaesia and plays home to the walled capital city of Surda, which is a free nation of human beings.  We are also offered information on many locations including the Dwarf Caves, which were actually inspired in part by the Carlsbad Caverns, which is very close to my own home.  Maps of Alagaesia, which were hand-drawn by the author, are also in this book.  He made his continent home to elves, dwarves, dragons, and more.  In fact, some of his human characters such as Angela the Herbalist – a human witch and warrior – were actually based on his own sister.
Not only have the books, themselves, captivated readers all across the country, but it was extremely interesting to read this companion guide and find out all the background information that the author used to bring the Inheritance cycle to life.   Besides the in-depth information Mr. Macauley writes about in this guide, he also offers little-known facts that he has gathered from doing dozens of interviews with the series creator.
New fan or old, this is definitely a well-written book that would make a fantastic Christmas gift!

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