Author: Lorna Byrne
ISBN 978-0-385-52896-2

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Do you believe in angels? Do you believe they can whisper in your ear and present themselves in ways you need to see them? Do you ever wonder what’s after this life? Wonder no more. Lorna Byrne has taken all the doubt away and inspired new hope for all – all who will listen, that is.

From an early age, Byrne has been talking to the angels. Her belief in God has allowed her to meet Archangel Michael, the Bird Angel, and other helpful angels that mingle with her everyday life as a child, daughter, wife, mother, and healer.

Living in the lap of human poverty, Byrne was one of the richest human beings in the world. The angels showed her who her husband (Joe) would be when she was just a child; they also explained that they would not grow old together. Byrne’s “da” (father) would need her help to pass over; and Joe would know his last daughter before she was born.

Growing up, Lorna’s family mistook her preoccupation as retardation.  They assumed she was slow, but little did they know that their daughter was far advanced along her path in this life; mundane subjects in school were unimportant. She had all she needed for her journey through this human life – a true understanding of what life is about and the tools to help others (which she graciously shares).

Byrne suggests that if we listen to our angels, ask them to help us, and have faith in God, we will never be alone.  Byrne further explains her life as she walks and talk with the angels, and as she comes face-to-face with the devil.

It isn’t often I point to something in my life and call it a miracle. In fact, I can only recall using the word miracle sarcastically when describing something so obviously ordinary and non-miraculous, or when I balance the checkbook without incident. 

My life was going along its ho-hum path; nothing new and exciting; same ole, same ole. If I think about it now, I would call it the proverbial rut.  My years as a book reviewer  found me receiving books on virtually every topic, but very little new information. Just how many ways can you capture a man; set a table; talk about an illness; or handle debt? However, I kept hoping to get a book I could actually use in my own life. One that would say, get out of the rut and here’s the way.

Angels in My Hair is the book that came along that would absolutely change my life. It’s a subtle, all or nothing book that allows us to believe; it’s a book of hope.  And in this life, one can only hope to find something to believe in.  After reading Angels in My Hair, I am now a firm believer in miracles.

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