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Author: Reed Farrel Coleman

Publisher: Tyrus Books

ISBN: 978-1-4405-3199-6

Reed Farrel Coleman, author of Hurt Machine, has over fourteen novels under his belt, has been nominated for quite a few very esteemed awards, and winner of the Shamus Award for Best Detective Novel of the Year, Macavity and Anthony Awards. (2011, rear cover) Maureen Corrigan and the noir poet laureate of the Huffington Post said Coleman was a “hard boiled poet”. He resides on Long Island with his family.

I began reading this book just prior to the New Year and could not, literally, put it down! From page one I was hooked. Coleman spins a great yarn with some interesting twists. The characters are earthy, varied, and vibrant. The story plausible and compelling. This is the first Jewish detective novel that I can recall reading in quite some time and I enjoyed the Yiddish (a harkening back to my childhood paternal grandparents) Coleman interjected into the text of the main character, Moses.

A common thread as we age is the fuzzy concept of death and all that entails. Moses had to confront this possibility head on more times than cats, almost, have lives. He was a likeable guy with a Clouseau type edge that made some of his stumbling and bumbling all the more endearing. The possibility of dying without closure is a commonality that colors part of this plot, whether it is a homicide or suicide or something that nature directs. The main characters share being past and/or current officers in various capacities on the NYPD or their counterparts on the NYFD for which there is palpable rivalry for who is best on the job. As an aisde there is an undercurrent of conflict between the EMT’s and the NYFD that gets pretty nasty before boiling over into violence and harsh words too.

The main ladies, with the exception of Moses daughter, are all either previous detectives who had to prove their mettle against the male dominated coppers in this crime riddled New York environment or capable PI’s that manage to ferret truth from body language, rumor, and outright lies. Either way, my hat is off to Coleman who creates a common theme between the women who have come in and out of Moses life and somehow helped him to find closure, deal with his health issues, and shared an abiding love.

For anyone who loves a good mystery/thriller this is a must read. I have a soft spot in my heart for a good detective novel and this one is one of the best! I’ve not read Mr. Coleman before, but I will try to get copies of his other work because I found this one so enjoyable. It is clear to me how he [Coleman] was nominated for and awarded so many great awards. His writing style is fresh and fun!

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