Author: Steven Gye
Publisher: Clear Fountain Press
ISBN: 978-0-9805698-5-8

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The Bible in all its splendor is not without its doubters. Many wonder if the true message has made it down to us in an unaltered form over these thousands of years. What if the truth was radically different, so different it contested the Bible at every turn? This is what readers face in The Night is Long.

The book is two different stories that start out separate and slowly wind themselves together. Martin Bourke is a devout Christian, who has spent years working for a church organization in Australia. One day he goes to his staff meeting and everything is in an uproar. A new book, Chronicles of Heaven, has taken public interest by storm and people are coming to their pastors asking if what the book says is true. To the church organization it cannot be, because it goes against the basics of the Bible. Martin is given the job of finding out what the book says and finding its weaknesses.

Martin agrees and begins to investigate. He expects to find it easy to refute, but the teachings strike him as just as plausible as Christianity. Slowly, he begins to convert to the teachings in the book. Chronicles teaches that there are many levels of Heavens and many minor angels fighting to become gods. These angels work to block people from the good higher powers. Jesus is listed as a false god and every major religion is slighted.

In another part of town, Maggie and Jim Watson move into a new house. Waiting for them there are ghosts who are not friendly. These ghosts lead to possession, death, and finally a run in with Martin and his new found religion.

This book is complex and confusing. A large part of the book is spent explaining about another book, Chronicles of Heaven. This isn’t a clever ploy by the author to present another ideal. Chronicles of Heaven is a totally different book stuck into the plot of The Night is Long. As such, The Night is Long reads more as a promotion for Chronicles of Heaven than a book in its own right. If radical religion interests you, skip this book and go straight to the source book. Don’t waste time with this segmented version with its muddled plots and unconvincing conversions.

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