Author: Rosalie Hollingsworth
ISBN: 978-1-4401-2502-7

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In the United States alone, a child is kidnapped every 40 seconds. This means that about a million children each year are removed from their homes, and have their lives thrown into turmoil. The majority of these (approaching 80 percent) are children kidnapped by one parent seeking to take the child from the other, custodial parent. Sadly about half of these cases are never solved. In the “Destruction of Innocence,” a desperate mother could not rest until her daughter was rightfully returned home.

This true story (written by the abducted child’s mother), however, is even more unsettling than the norm. In the case of Triana, the daughter of author Rosalie Hollingsworth and her estranged husband Franco, the child was abducted by Franco not once, but twice.

Like many foreign-born parents, Triana’s father was Italian, and when Franco first kidnapped his child, they left the United States to resettle in Italy. This was only the beginning of the story, however. Within a relatively short time frame, the child was re-taken by Rosalie and returned to California. Eventually the father returned from Europe as well, and began building a new life in California with another woman, who had two daughters of her own.

The second kidnapping, whose story forms the majority of the book, chronicles the second abduction and four-year pursuit of Triana by her mother Rosalie, after her father Franco and his new family disappear again with the kidnapped child. This second, longer search tells the story not only from the mother’s point of view, but lays out the heart wrenching facts of a life on the run and its consequences on the innocence of the child caught in the middle.

Beloved by both parents, Triana was nonetheless subject to circumstances and situations that no child should face, including dangers to her own life. Even amidst the final return, her safety seems elusive. Particularly compelling is the “happy ending.” No child who has witnessed and experienced such trauma could ever simply “turn the switch” and return to a happy life she barely remembered or a mother who had been so tragically portrayed by a vengeful ex-husband. Even so many years later, the scars and confusion linger.

Still, the story is a compelling one. Never did the mother lose hope, give up, or let another person (even her own child) deter her from finding her daughter. This is a story of amazing courage and bravery in the face of so much difficulty and disappointment. Parents everywhere will thank their lucky stars never to have to face such trauma. Those who do are probably the few that can truly understand the depths of despair and the elation of hope that mark Rosalie’s life story.

Click Here To Purchase Destruction Of Innocence: A True Story Of Child Abduction