Author: HelenKay Dimon
ISBN:  978-0-7582-2909-0

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This fantastic romance author is back, and back with a vengeance.  As always, I can trust Ms. Dimon to deliver a wonderfully fast-paced story filled with the sensuality that all us women are looking for in real life.  From the first paragraph, Katie Long’s life made me want to toss this whole daily grind thing away, and head to Hawaii where her day was being spent in brilliant sunshine surrounded by the fresh scents of saltwater, pikake, and the aftershave lotion of the most amazingly handsome man she’d ever met.
Katie Long was catering this wedding as a favor to her beloved sister, Cara.  Now Cara is a wonderfully strong sibling who has just started her new catering company in order to provide for her daughter Ashleigh.  Cara’s husband left them dangling and alone, and Cara is doing her absolute best to change their lives for the better.  Now, Katie was mostly a screw-up throughout her lifetime, so she is definitely trying to be a better person and work very hard to help Cara and her beloved niece.  What Cara doesn’t know, however, is that Katie is actually working undercover at this wedding, trying to get the “scoop” on Deputy Prosecutor Eric Kimura who is a guest, and a man readying himself to run for office.  You see, the people who hired Katie want with all their might to dig up some dirt on the “vanilla” prosecutor in order to have him star in his opponent’s campaign commercials.  Or…at least, that’s what Katie thinks.
The wedding event that Eric shows up at is the wedding of his longtime girlfriend, Deana, who dumped Eric because he refused to “pull strings” in order to save one of her family members from prison.  Today, she’s marrying a DEA agent that Eric knows, and all he wants to do is disappear into the night because of how absolutely uncomfortable he feels.  Of course, he only came in the first place so that he could prove to the “cameras” and the voters that he has no hard feelings – a real stand-up guy who wants their vote.  But not only does Eric want to leave, he can feel the slight anger that still dwells in his soul that Deana caused when she walked out on him.  With the fire burning, he finds himself in the embrace of a young, beautiful waitress dressed in catering garb, allowing him to savor her tasty treats.
What begins as a half-hour fling soon turns into a budding romance that has more red herrings and sinister characters surrounding it than any other relationship on record.  Not only does Eric not know the reality behind Katie’s first meeting with him, but he also doesn’t realize that his campaign is about to be sabotaged. 
This novel was not only filled with the sweet, sensuality that Ms. Dimon is known for, but the story, itself, was extremely fun to read.  Watching Katie try to figure out how she went from spy to the woman that’s being spied on; to watching Eric try to determine whether the person out to destroy his career is friend or foe, makes this one extremely hard to put down.  Any fan of romance, adventure, intrigue, or mystery will truly find themselves engrossed by the end of page one.  And you will, most definitely, wish right along with me that Katie’s fantasy was your reality.  Enjoy!
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