Author: Robert Tanenbaum, Author

Publisher: Gallery Books

ISBN: 978-1-4767-9322-1

Robert Tanenbaum, author of Without Fear or Favor, has written at least thirty one other books. Gallery Books is a subsidy of Simon and Schuster.

Tanenbaum has collaborated with many legal and other credible sources in creation of this page turning novel.

The story opens up with a wanna be Big Time newscaster named Pete Vasand. He has previously won some awards and acclaim so his taste for stardom is more than whet. However, he is willing to do just about anything to get the story and that will eventually not serve him very well.

Another major character in this murder mystery is a young black man who goes by the name of Nat X who hails from California but is now making trouble in New York. His grind is to be the leader of a group of blacks who want segregation instead of melding with what they call white supremacy and cops gone amuck. With the nation taking notice of more and more hostility between cops and perps he is assured of his fifteen minutes of fame and then some.

Nat X has a large man who acts as his body guard. His name is Big George in the circles they frequent and the two of them create quite a stir. They try to get young black boys to incite violence against the rogue or any cops. This rite of passage allows them to curry more favor from Nat X and the larger black audience he hopes to sway into following his lead.

A series of unrelated cop and other murders lead the District Attorney, the NYPD detectives, and the California detectives to locate and arrest Nat X who has run away from the heat in New York to hide on the West Coast. Evidence taken from one of the crime scenes is stacking up against him, but he believes he will walk away from this and his other crimes despite the active underground homeless community in New York that aid, albeit unknown to, the NYPD and the District Attorney in finding corroborating witnesses and information to take this case to trial while Nat X awaits possible bail.

Nat X is lucky to have a leading law firm represent him in this highbrow court case that is being treated by the media and many others as racially biased. This altruistic firm is known for taking on tough, but entirely winnable cases. However, this case may not be so open and shut. Wait to read about the details and all that occurs along the way to a jury decision. Will justice prevail? Will Nat X walk? What happens to Pete Vasand?

Read it. I enjoyed it and found it hard to put down.