Author: Robert Wickes
ISBN: 978-1-59146342-9

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Is this book fiction or a forecast of things to come, maybe sooner than we think?
The Government of the United States is confronted with a crisis.  The sitting President is trying to push a bill through Congress that will smash the middle class.  It will lessen their benefits and add to their taxes.  However, Senator Henley Hornbrook is determined to quash this bill before it becomes law. Unfortunately, he is not having much luck.  An angry protest by taxpayers puts the country into crisis mode.  The President panics and declares a state of emergency that suspends the coming elections and stops Congress from meeting.  He also goes on television to blame Senator Hornbrook for this crisis.  Martial Law now takes over the capitol and also all major cities in the United States.  The Army upholds the law taking over from  the local police departments.  Hornbrook goes on the defensive and fights against the dishonest and power hungry President as the nation goes crazy with taxpayer revolts and that turn the country into turmoil from coast to coast.  But, our independent-minded hero, Senator Hornbrook comes up with a plan for the country that will change and also safeguard our nations future from harm.  This is a fascinating plan designed to work out the nation's troubles.
This book is a first class example of the chaos that governments can cause.  Sometimes people (on either side of the fence, government and the comman man) lose sight of the principles that were named in the Constitution and go a little crazy.  Hornbrook comes up with a really different Prophecy and it makes one stop and think.  All this and a very surprise ending kept me reading until the end.  I don't usually gravitate towards political stories because, to be perfectly blunt, they bore me but, this one did not.  To be perfectly honest, this is a little too close to home and I really paid attention.  It reads very much like non-fiction and it's a bit scary in places.  Good Luck to Mr. Wickes.  

Mr. Wickes is a physician in private practice and has been for more than three decades. He also wrote "IThe Myth American Pageant: How Government and Politics Really Affect the Ordinary Joe ., an amusing look at often confusing national issues and the grand game of politics.  His essay, "Saving  Private America," was published in The Sentinel of the U.S. Army and his passion is liberty.

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