Author:Kathleen Tracy & Michael Caldwell

Publisher:Bang Printing


Warning, if you begin to read this book, you may not be able to put it down!

The Great Green Gold Rush is a wonderful book and an absolute pleasure to read. As Canada prepares to operationalize marijuana legalization for recreational use (any time after April 10, 2017), this book also represents an excellent choice for those following this sector or segment of the economy.

There are more than 230 marijuana stocks trading in the U.S. capital markets, and the returns have just been excellent, beginning with 2012. (The sector was up about 50% during January 2017, for example). As only a bit over 22 percent of the U.S. population has legal access to marijuana for recreational use, the market remains in its infancy, and this book is an excellent primer for those interested in this growing market.

As a technical writer, following the marijuana sector stocks, I envy the authors skills, as the writing style is so welcoming. I do not possess these skills, so I appreciate them.

I found myself Googling the firms and the chapter/case studies for ArcView Group, Bluebird Botanicals (Bluebird Bio, Incorporated – BLUE), Blum Oakland (TRTC), Cannazine Packaging, and others, and wanted to examine the stocks and their price-per-share over recent years, where applicable. But this book is not just for those interesting in buying and holding or trading marijuana stocks, it provides a welcoming and very palatable collection of case studies. So, for those who enjoy reading business case studies, it is also an excellent choice.

The book has broad appeal, and I hope the authors will consider doing additional works.

If you are interested in buying holding or trading marijuana stocks, I recommend this book. If you enjoy reading mini case studies on businesses in a growing sector of the economy, I recommend this book. If you live in a jurisdiction where marijuana is legal for recreational and/or medical use, or will be, or just want to learn more about this topic, I recommend this book. If you just enjoy reading a well written book, I recommend this book.

To summarize, I see this book as one with broad appeal, hope you will consider buying and reading a copy, and, perhaps my highest compliment, would love to see more from Kathleen Tracy and Michael Caldwell. Great Green Gold Rush has my highest possible recommendation.