Author: Clifford B. Bowyer

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC

ISBN: Print: 978-1-60975-035-0; eBook: 978-1-60975-036-7

All stories are worth telling; it is the execution that matters the most. An able writer really has it in his pen to turn fortunes around for even the most improbable story. This story probably falls in the improbable category for the sheer number of twists and turns that come a reader’s way.

Beyond Belief is penned by Clifford B. Boyer and claims to be a romantic suspense that wishes to seduce a reader in a world where simple things are actually so twisted that nothing seems what it actually is. The book is the story of Damon Burke who has just lost his love. Everyone seems to be sure that his ex-girlfriend is the woman who would make a perfect partner for him. But that, unfortunately, does not happen and he finally meets a woman who fits in the idea of his perfect mate. But would the constant nagging of his mother and friends about his ex-girlfriend come to haunt his newly found love affair?

The setting is great and is a fun read. There are some vivid sexual scenes that bring forth the character’s hidden, but, intrinsic traits. Clifford really has the magic to use such simple things to point towards various aspects of a person’s character. He employs sexual imagery to bring out either savagery or tenderness in his players that at times is overlooked by others. The humor is another strong point of this writer and it is something that one probably would find random people doing it. This helps because it brings about a sense of familiarity and helps a reader connect with the cast. So full marks on that one too. The book also discreetly tries to probe the issue of sexual violence and its aftermaths. Lack of support for the victim can lead to disastrous results is what a reader realizes and the lead character’s disdain helps in bringing forth the impact of this act even more forcefully.

The book is a great read; the plot is racy and holds readers interest. The characters are driven and relatable. The chapters fuse in and blend easily. The climax is terrific and seriously, it is a good book.

The only issue lies with the editing. A little tweaking wouldn’t hurt and would take the book to one notch higher for sure. All in all a great effort by the writer and must read for his fans and a must read for those who wish to get their dose of racy suspense thrillers!

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