Author: Shadow Bregman Translated by Wally (Daddy) Bregman

Illustrator: Fatima Sabato

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Here is a “cool” children's book for ages 6-10 where the author is a ten-year old Labrador Retriever named Shadow Bregman whose thoughts are translated by his “daddy,” Wally (Daddy) Bregman. It is no easy task to craft an endearing tale of a Labrador as a narrator while offering such sage advice to kids, yet, Wally Bregman pulls it off with Lessons from Shadow: My Life Lessons for Boys and Girls.

Shadow was rescued from at a dog rescue event by Wally Bregman and his late wife Robbie. She was named Shadow because he likes to follow people around including his owner, Wally.

As Shadow beckons us to follow him around we learn about his life as well as his adventures. At the same time, he also shares with us some wise life lessons he learned along the way that he hopes to impart on us. The teachings highlight some of the more challenging aspects of childhood and are stated clearly and succinctly without resorting to lecturing.

Each chapter can easily be shared with a parent where answers can be given, and feelings reassured. The topics covered include eating habits, running away, bullying, sadness, loneliness, learning, traveling, and moving. Each lesson concludes with a paragraph entitled “What's Shadow's Lesson?” The child can discuss or look to the next page for the answer or older children many reveal the message on their own. For example, if we look at the one pertaining to learning we notice how Shadow illustrates how dogs are much better at smelling, hearing and seeing than humans. And what is the lesson? “You can learn an awful lot by just keeping your eyes, ears, (and nose) open and your mouth shut. This can make you a much better person (or dog).”

Fatima Sabato's bright sparkling and expressive illustrations of Shadow have a endearing appeal and are a perfect compliment to the book's text.

Books are great teaching aids for children of any age as they can open up children's inquiring minds to many topics especially when the narrator is a playful Lab named Shadow. And this is why this book succeeds admirably as it grabs from the first page onward the child's attention and compels him or her to keep reading.

The messages conveyed inspire, uplift, motivate and even delight its readers, even though some may be sad, however, these may help children identify with a problem they are facing in their own lives such as someone dying or having to move away from their friends.

It should be mentioned that in honor and memory of Shadow’s “Mommy,” Robbie Bregman, all proceeds from the sales of the book will be contributed to Best Friends Society, an animal rescue charity.

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