Author: Ileana L. Katzenelson
Artist: Sean Brown
Graphic Designer: Yael Sela
Publisher: Soul Prints Press
ISBN: 978-0-9859334-0-1

Bimbambu felt lucky to have so many friends, and deep down inside he knew he had such good friends because he knew how to be a good friend too,” Ileana Katzenelson writes in her children’s book, Bimbambu.

This unnumbered thirty-two page hardbound over-sized book is targeted toward children ages three and up. With no profanity or scary scenes, the book could be read as a bedtime story to promote the concept of compassion and giving to others. With full-color illustrations by Sean Brown and Yael Sela, mixed media of tiles, feathers, springs, photographs, cut-outs, and paints assemble into interesting, detailed pictures. Minor punctuation errors may confuse beginner readers.

Bimbambu is a colorful, thoughtful bird who lives in the forest with his friends. One autumn day, he meets Giraffe who says that winter is coming and his neck will get cold. Without thinking, Bimbambu offers him his red feathers for a scarf. As he walks along he meets Bear, who he gives his orange feathers to make a warm hat. Next he gives Monkey his yellow feathers for gloves and Mother Rabbit green ones for leg warmers. He finally gives his last blue feathers to Owl to make a vest.

Now Bimbambu is left with no feathers.

When winter approaches, the bird does not complain but is scared he will freeze in the cold. All of a sudden, Giraffe sees him and gives him a red scarf he made with the left over feathers. As Bimbambu continues on, Bear gives him a hand-made orange hat, while Monkey hands him yellow gloves, Mother Rabbit offers green leg warmers after making enough for her whole family, and Owl dresses him with a blue vest.

In the end, Bimbambu realizes that since he was kind to others, they were kind to him. He cared about his friends, freely giving something up of his own, and each of them reciprocated by making something special to also keep him warm during the winter.

This fun book is not only entertaining to look at with the myriad of different items used in the illustrations; it shows how one can be nice to others without expecting anything in return. It also reiterates how to be thankful when someone gives you something and how to think about others more often than yourself.

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