Author: Harvey Havel

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN:  978-1-68290-568-5

The principal characters of  The Thruway Killers consist of Arthur McPhee, a middle aged rich man who made his money buy opening liquor stores in the north eastern portion of the United States. Sabrina McPhee, the relatively new trophy wife of Arthur. She and Arthur have one very well educated and successful son, Donald McPhee. Arthur has a son from a prior marriage, Droogan McPhee.

Arthur has sort of handed his empire to his son, Donald because he is competent and cares about being successful just like Arthur. Droogan has never amounted to anything. He drinks in excess, chases women, and cares nothing about working or making a way of his own. Sabrina detests Droogan and has continually asked Arthur to get him out on his own. Arthur waffles back and forth and never quite kicks Droogan out.

Sabrina is bored with Arthur and has a string of affairs that Arthur knows nothing about. One special masseur believes that she is really in love with him and fancies her and he running off with Arthur’s money living the good life. This half baked idea will never see the light of day.

Droogan is stooping one of the maids. She is black. He is white. She is poor. He is exceedingly rich. She is beautiful. He is slovenly. Angela is her name and he thinks they are madly in love. He asks her to marry him. She is conflicted because this could be her ticket out of the ghetto. When Arthur finds out he buys her off to stay away from Droogan. She does, but Droogan is beside himself with grief and anger.

Sabrina devises a plan with the help of Droogan to kill Arthur and then they can live their lives as they please. Droogan is on board and when he is set to kill his father he accidentally kills Sabrina instead. This sets a lot of other alternative plots into motion. Arthur is so distraught that he hires a private agent to seek out Droogan who has now fled with Angela at his side. The local police and the FBI are also on Droogan’s trail. Droogan through a series of other events ends up killing several other people. Agent Rojas from the FBI has never not closed a case and brought the person who is guilty to justice. He is such a workaholic that is costing him the one thing he cares about, his marriage.

Can Droogan continue to elude the police and the FBI, especially Detective Rojas? Will he get caught and brought to justice? Will he and Angela end up married and happy? Where will his trail lead to next?

I really enjoyed reading this book. There were many twists and turns. I wondered right up until the end what would become of Droogan. I think that you will enjoy this thriller too.