Author: Deirdre Hade and William Arntz

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 978-1-943625-93-2

                                          The  Changing Landscape of Reality

Look beyond the illusion and you will see the underlying order”.

If you are tired of the judgmental nature of conventional religion and are looking for a fresher alternative of spiritual truths in a visual- text format, look no further. This book is a stunningly beautiful and original coffee table book, conceived in the style of Hugh Prather’s “Notes to Myself” or Richard Bach’s “Illusions”  without the narrative.

The title is telling. Going by the Webster dictionary meaning of the word “surprise” as “an attack without warning”, they argue that the “you” before the surprise is different from the “you” afterwards. Phrased differently, according to the authors, reading this book could change the biochemistry of the body, howsoever little the change may be.

Armed with the above definition, the authors acquaint us with the miraculous nature of our being, and the consequences of our choices because they converge to form our reality. They also comment on the power of prayer and asking for assistance from the archangels of Light in order to help us change our station in life.

Subsequently, the authors go into a poetic and easily understood depiction of the challenges faced by the sincere spiritual aspirant. These challenges arise because the soul and the body of a spiritual seeker are on different planes of consciousness. Different value systems  operate  on these disparate planes of consciousness, and the goal is to integrate these energies into harmony in order to be happy/successful in our endeavours.

The reason for the fractured reality we experience is the nature of soul. Soul isn’t at home on earth where different rules are followed.”

A word must be said for the amazing artwork that complements the text.. There are  both photographs  and paintings with motifs from sacred geometry and archangels of light among others. The  artwork complements the text quite well, making it even more evocative of something that lies just beyond our reach, something that awakens dormant memories of an individuality that once was ours.

Finally the authors mention “our responsibility to set a the next generation of kids...They are the real soldiers...meeting the front lines of what the ego has built, the cities, the concrete where there is no grass or place to plant a garden.”

This book, which is being published just before the holiday season, would make the perfect Christmas present. It guides  the diligent reader to the cutting edge of modern spirituality as it documents the changing landscape of reality as one once again reclaims one’s mystical side. I recommend it warmly to one and all.

All in all, a great book to start the beginner on his/her spiritual journey.

Warmly recommended.