Title: The Adventures of Katarina Rose
Author: S G Johnson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 978-1-4836-3584-2

I stay home all day while my mommy and daddy go to work. Well, I really don’t stay home. I sneak out the window and go on adventures. I want to share these with you,” Katarina Rose explains in S G Johnson’s story, The Adventures of Katarina Rose.

This thirty-two page square paperback book is targeted toward preschoolers to early elementary school aged readers, especially those who like cats and other animals. With no profanity, scary scenes, or violence, this debut tome lacks all punctuation quotes in conversational dialogue and a few commas so may be confusing at times to read for both child and adult. The illustrations that cover almost every other page are simplistic, without detail, and duplicated. There is a short author’s biography on the back cover.

Katarina Rose is a young Siamese cat who supposedly stays home all day long and cat-naps. Without her mommy and daddy’s knowledge, she sneaks out the window, ready for a new adventure where she can meet more animals.

When she finds Peanut, the squirrel high up in a nearby tree, she is told how squirrels store up nuts for the winter. Peanut asks Katarina Rose where she gets her food and she replies that humans provide both food and water.

During her next adventure, the cat meets a male buck with antlers named Chief who has a wife and daughter. The deer explains what they are called, what they eat from the garden, and how they stay off the dangerous roads.

The kitty notices how late it is getting and rushes home before her mommy and daddy arrive. She pretends to be asleep so they think she has been sleeping all day. The feline cannot wait until her next adventure to meet more exciting animals.

By meeting both the squirrel and the deer, Katarina learns that she is different than her new-found friends in what they eat, where they sleep, and how they protect themselves.

With conversations being without quotes and no delineation of speakers, there is the possibility of promoting incorrect punctuation. In regard to the storyline, hopefully young ones will not mimic sneaking out the window or pretending to be asleep. Readers can glean some educational information but the tale needs improvement in certain areas for future adventures of this precocious cat.

This book was furnished by the author in lieu of an unbiased review.

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